Our People

Our Staff

Mobile Relationship Manager:
Justin Bice

Mobile Relationship Manager:
Greg Arnott

Heidelberg Branch Manager:
Jo-Ann Downey

Customer Relationship Managers:

Customer Relationship Officers:

Customer Service Supervisors: 

Customer Service Officer:

Our Board

David Mayne
David is a Communication Consultant.

Deputy Chair:
Nan Caple
Nan operated a retail giftware business in the East Ivanhoe Village for 27 years and lives locally. She was an original founder of the East Ivanhoe Community Bank® branch and is involved in a wide range of community groups and initiatives.

Jason Dwyer
Jason is a CPA and Senior Manager for Small Business with the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank. He lives locally and was a member of the Steering Committee that established the Heidelberg Community Bank® branch.

Peter Panatsos
Peter is a Chartered Accountant and works in Corporate Development focusing on organic and acquisition growth for mid to large sized companies.  He has recently moved to Ivanhoe and is committed to supporting the community.

John Nelson
John is a Chartered Accountant with over 35 years' experience working in private and publicly listed companies and lives locally.

Russell Hutchins
Russell is an IT consultant and lives locally. He was an active member of the steering committee that worked tirelessly to raise the capital to establish the Heidelberg Community Bank® branch.

Lyndy Stagg
Lyndy is a trainer for Educational Support RTO Diversitat Training. Lyndy has extensive community involvement and in 2014 was named the Banyule Volunteer of the Year.

Brian Simpson
Brian is a retired bank executive and lives locally.

Peter Drapac
Peter owns and operates a local business and has lived in the local community most of his life.

Anne Rogan
Anne is a Senior Manager at Education Services Australia and lives locally.