Our Branch

Koo Wee Rup Branch

Koo Wee Rup branch opened in December 2003. The business began as an Agency in a local Real Estate office in 1999 before opening as a sub branch to Lang Lang Community Bank®Branch in the present location. The business grew steadily and is now a Bendigo Bank branch in its own right.

Koo Wee Rup is a rapidly growing town‚ and the need for full banking services was obvious. Community Financial Services Victoria Limited provided support and guidance to a group of locals who could see the benefits of having their own fully serviced bank branch in their town.

Narre Warren Branch

Narre Warren branch opened for business in December 2003. It was opened as a sub branch to Lang Lang Community Bank® Branch.

A local developer contacted Community Financial Services Victoria Limited inquiry about banking services at the newly established Amberly Park Shopping Centre. In a fast growing area like Narre Warren South‚ the need and potential of having a bank for the locals was evident. It was seen as a great way of providing a full range of banking products and services as well as building and supporting long term relationships within one of Melbourne's fastest growing areas.

The business at Narre Warren South grew steadily and is now a Bendigo Bank branch in its own right. It has supported local groups and organisations with returns to the community. Of note is the support provided to Youth Foundations Victoria. This is a program that gives young people in Narre Warren South and Hampton Park the opportunity to run projects that benefit their local communities.

Lang Lang Community Bank® Branch

The Lang Lang Community Bank® Branch opened on 28th October 1998 following a relatively short but successful campaign by the local Community to open their own Community Bank®.

Lang Lang was a town that had suffered with the closure of many businesses‚ both private and government. In a town of only 900 people‚ they had lost around 80 jobs and was battling when one of their two banks closed and the other downgraded its services to part-time.

Not content to sit back and let their future be dictated by people from outside their town‚ the people of Lang Lang‚ with the help of their local council‚ the Cardinia Shire‚ established a Township Committee‚ made up of representatives of local groups.

One of the first items identified by the Township Committee was the return of full-time banking services to their town.

Unsuccessful in their approaches to the major banks‚ the committee heard about the fledgling Bendigo Bank Community Banking initiative and they determined that they would open their own Community Bank®.

The necessary capital was raised in one night where almost a third of the local population attended a public meeting‚ and within months‚ their Community Bank® was open.

Pearcedale Community Bank® Branch

The Pearcedale Community Bank® Branch opened on 29th October 2000 following a long but ultimately successful campaign to open their own Community Bank®.

Pearcedale was in a difficult position in that the town had never had a Bank and it is within 10 minutes from two larger centres‚ all with strong Banking representation.

However‚ this was not going to deter the Pearcedale Community from achieving its goal.

Having worked hard to gather support and completing a feasibility study that indicated the prospect for success of a Community Bank® in Pearcedale‚ the Steering Committee was struggling to raise sufficient capital to open a Community Bank® in their own right.

An opportunity arose for them to consider a joint structure with the support of the already successful Lang Lang Community Bank® Branch.

This was the first time that an existing Community Bank® site took on the project of opening a second site but the communities forged a partnership based on the common goal of having full-time banking services within their towns.

With the strength of a joint management company for the two sites‚ the Pearcedale Community Bank® Branch proceeded to opening.

Tooradin & Coastal Villages Branch

Tooradin & Coastal Villages branch opened for business on 8th May 2009.

A group of dedicated community members found a need for a bank in their community. After investigating the possibility of having a Community Bank® in their town‚ the Tooradin & Coastal Villages steering committee formed and started to actively campaign and canvass support from locals in and around the Tooradin area.

The steering committee contacted a local Community Company who had successfully opened other Community Banks in the district. Community Financial Services Victoria Limited was able to assist the steering committee and worked with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank to eventually open the Tooradin & Coastal Villages branch. Over 2 years of dedication and volunteer hours went into the campaign.

Tooradin and Coastal Villages is a small community geographically located on the South Gippsland Highway‚ on the shores of Westernport Bay.

Our depositors are protected under the Australian Government’s Financial Claims Scheme (FCS) which provides protection and quick access to deposits made with a bank, building society or credit union in the unlikely event that one of these institutions fails. Find out more here.