Sponsorships & Grants

Community Investment: Sponsorships and Grants

Carrum Downs and Marriott Waters Community Bank® branches are a locally owned and operated franchise of Bendigo Bank. Unlike all other banks, as part of its charter, 80% of its profits are reinvested back into the local community. By banking with Carrum Downs and Marriott Waters Community Bank® branches, you’re supporting your local community and increasing the profits available for re-investment in the local community.

Since start-up in 1999, through the support of our customers, we have provided more than $1.8M in sponsorships and grants to local organisations.

You may not think it matters who you bank with. But we know that’s not the case. Just take a look at our Community Balance Sheet.

Yes, it’s time to feel good about who you bank with.

Sponsorship and Grant Policy

Our branches aim to create a strong community in Carrum Downs and Marriott Waters. We aim to contribute to this by providing sponsorships and grants for local community organisations, events, programs and initiatives that contribute to building a strong community.


Sponsorships are available to financially support local community organisations. In return for sponsorship, we seek a relationship with the sponsored organization. We expect the organization to bank with us, to promote us to its members and to encourage its members to bank with us. In this way we can continue to support the organisation in the future.


Carrum Downs and Marriott Waters Community Bank® branches recognises the important role community programs play in positively shaping our local community. We encourage organisations to apply for one-off grant funds to support an existing or new community program that will have a positive impact on our local community by contributing to an identified need (eg employment, nutrition, recreation, education, training, transport, health, safety) of people based in the Carrum Downs and Marriott Waters areas.

The Application Process

Applications are reviewed by the Sponsorship Committee each month.

Application forms should be completed and submitted to: len.barda@bendigoadelaide.com.au

Download forms:



For more information visit

Conditions of Funding

Funding will only be provided to organisations. Organisations must meet the following criteria:

  • Operate in Carrum Downs and/or Marriott Waters;
  • Be not-for-profit organisations;
  • Maintain an active banking status with one of our branches;
  • Not have funding from any other financial institution;
  • Be able to demonstrate that they are viable and have a sound committee structure;
  • Identify a clear and well planned use for the funds and that the funding will provide broad community benefit and involvement.

In receiving funding, organisations should understand that they are entering into a win-win relationship whereby reciprocal benefits are returned to the Carrum Downs and Marriott Waters Community Bank® branches. The sponsored organisation must agree to:

  • Provide mutually agreed opportunities to promote our branches to stakeholders through speaking opportunities etc;
  • Include Carrum Downs and Marriott Waters Community Bank® branches logo in its promotional material, website & Facebook;
  • Only use the funds as outlined in the relevant application form;
  • Spend the allocated funds within 12 months of receipt;
  • Report on the use of the funds within 12 months of receipt;
  • Return any funds unused in the 12 month period;
  • Ensure that any person associated with the organisation consents (or has a parent/guardian consent on their behalf) for their image or likeness to appear in media;
  • Receive correspondence from our branches; and
  • Participate in any surveys conducted by our branches regarding the funding.