Sponsorships & Grants

You may not think it matters who you bank with. But we know that’s not the case. Just take a look at our Community Balance Sheet.

It’s time to feel good about who you bank with.

Our community contributions are only possible because our customers choose our Mt Eliza branch. Every new account, insurance policy or loan helps us generate income which we re-distribute to our community.

Mt Eliza Community Bank® Branch has returned more than $210,000 to our local community (as at November 2018). The whole point of our business is to return most of our profit to our community.

Our local Board of Directors make decisions about how to distribute our funds locally.

We run our sponsorship applications through one big annual event – the Mt Eliza Community Pitch.

This event invites local businesses to join us in distributing our funding to local schools, clubs, community groups and initiatives. It was held in October 2018, and we expect our next event to be mid 2019.

The Mt Eliza Community Pitch is promoted in the lead up to it, with information available in our Mt Eliza branch, in our quarterly newsletter, on our Facebook page and here on our website. Please keep an eye out for these promotions If you are interested in applying. There are some important selection criteria, including that your organisation has its bank account held at the Mt Eliza Community Bank® Branch.

We do not accept sponsorship applications outside the Community Pitch process.