$100,000 unlocked for critical social issues in Melbourne

More than $100,000 in grant funding is available to communities in Melbourne in the 2018 Connected Communities Melbourne Grants Program, in partnership with Bendigo Bank.

In the second year of the grants program, supporting youth who are homeless or at risk of homelessness is one of the key issues, with $30,000 in grants available to this cause.

A further $70,000 in grant funding is available to support four other key issues, including;

* Mental and physical health, especially disability
* Community safety
* Sustainability and the environment, and
* Projects that contribute to inclusion and social connection.

Connected Communities Melbourne Board Chair, Melanie Raymond, OAM said, “Most social issues don’t simply occur in isolation and will need broad thinking and opportunities to show the connections between solutions such as health and wellbeing, homelessness, safety and sustainability. For example, youth homelessness begins within suburban Melbourne and is often hidden. We can draw on local knowledge to bring forward ideas that can prevent entrenched homelessness and give young people a chance to get back on their feet. We know that homelessness is rising and young people are hardest hit. Many are couch surfing or living in insecure and unsafe conditions which inhibits their ability to attend and finish school, and sets them on a path into long term homelessness unless action is taken.”

The grant pool is a result of an agreed financial contribution made by Bendigo Bank for every new account opened at 27 Bendigo Bank branches across Melbourne.

“We’re really proud to continue to work with Bendigo Bank to achieve great outcomes for our community. It’s easy to partner with an organisation like Bendigo Bank because they are connected with local issues and committed to delivering social and economic benefits for all,” Ms Raymond said.

In its inaugural grants round in 2017, Connected Communities Melbourne granted $80,000 to support organisations such as Glenroy Neighbourhood House, Entertainment Assist, refugee driver education, safety for international students, Chines Cancer Society and mental health support, among others.

Grant applications are now open.

You can find out more about Connected Communities Melbourne and the grants program on their website