Our People

Our Board

Karen May
Karen May

Company Secretary/ Treasurer:

Greg Melvin
Gregory Melvin - Chair: Finance & Governance Committee

Maree Franettovich - Chair: Community Engagement Committee

Ted Malone

Nicholas McDougall
Nicholas McDougall - Chair of Business Development Committee

Mark Radke

Our Staff

Branch Manager:
Charmaine Matsen
I am not new to banking. My previous role was Manager at Mackay Branch and prior to that many years in financial services.
And I am a local!
My key focus are our customers and working with them to achieve their financial and lifestyle goals. I am very  community spirited, working alongside our local groups and schools for the better of the whole community.
I love cooking, reading in my spare time, and gardening.  My family is also a huge part of my life and I love spending time with them.

Roanna Bella
I am very proud to continue working for the Sarina Community Bank® Bendigo Bank branch. The Sarina Community Bank® branch was my baby for 7 years before I left to start my own family. Now that I am back as your part-time Customer Relationship Manager, I am very excited to look after you and any new customers. I am extremely passionate about what this branch has achieved over the years and how it continues to invest funds which make such a difference in our town.

Customer Service Officers:

My name is Mel and I enjoy camping and spending time with friends and family. I have been with Bendigo Bank for 3 years and love the feeling of being part of a business who believes in the Community so strongly.

This is my second time working for Sarina Community Bank® Branch. I was one of the original staff that opened the branch back in 2005 and was with the company for two years up until leaving to start my family. Eight years later, here I am back in my previous role of customer service officer. I pride myself in providing excellent customer service and promoting our terrific bank in our local community. Being among the front of counter staff enables me to be able to meet wide a variety of customer needs from everyday transacting through to insurance and all general banking needs. I enjoy the country life and spending time in the outdoors with my family.

There’s no denying I’m new to the banking world but I can guarantee I’m a friendly, hard working local girl that loves to help out in any way I can. I’ll never pass up a good photo opportunity or a great day at the beach with friends. I love being actively involved in the local community through a variety of different groups. I am keen to see what the world has in store for my future with Sarina Community Bank® branch.