Our Branch

In Mid 1998 a group of local people got together and looked into following Rupunyip / Minyip's lead and establish a Community Bank® branch.

The last bank in town had closed its doors eighteen months before leaving the town high and dry. A series of public meetings were held and funds were raised to conduct a feasibility study. When the feasibility study showed there was enough potential business the committee called for pledges and then proceeded through to opening.

Wentworth exceeded all initial expectations. Within six months the branch was in a break even situation. Inside of eighteen months we were in cumulative profit. After three years the branch was in a position to return all the original pledges with interest. After four years we have a reserve of more than $100‚000 in place and we're in a position to grant close to that amount back to the community.

Seventeen years on and we have delivered back to the community more than $2.9 million in grants, sponsorships and donations.

We have established a funding partnership with the Wentworth Shire Council and other community groups to help establish and retain infrastructure within the shire and its communities. These include Wentworth Sporting Complex $125,000, George Gordon Oval Football & Netball change rooms and lights $110,000, Gol Gol Hawks Pavilion $20,000, PS Ruby $41,672, as well as Wentworth Ambulance Station $220,000.

We have also been able to assist small community groups such as Men in a Shed, Pooncarie Outreach Children's Services, Sew N Sip (Buronga Gol Gol Senior Citizens) and Art for Pleasure & Wellbeing which is helping people with Dementia living at home or in Residential Care through the Art of Painting.  273 Community groups have benefited since 1999, including most of the local schools in our area.

We’re proud to be major sponsors of the Gol Gol Hawks & Wentworth Football Netball Clubs, Food & Wine Marquee at the Wentworth Show, Great Flood Tractor Rally, Wentworth and Pooncarie Race days, Pooncarie Field day, Country Music Festival and many more.

Our depositors are protected under the Australian Government’s Financial Claims Scheme (FCS) which provides protection and quick access to deposits made with a bank, building society or credit union in the unlikely event that one of these institutions fails. Find out more here.