Blue towels for breast cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Bendigo Bank branches throughout Regional Victoria are supporting fundraising efforts by selling “Little Blue Towels”.

The Little Blue Towels are recycled from hospitals where they have been used to dry sterilised hands, and are normally discarded after a single use. Instead of being discarded, they are laundered and packaged by supported employment enterprises for people with a disability.

Each packet sold will help those diagnosed with breast cancer spend time at an OTIS retreat with their families at no cost, courtesy of the OTIS Foundation.

The recycled towels – lint free, super absorbent and perfect for cleaning, camping or fishing – can be purchased from Bendigo Bank branches in Regional Victoria, with proceeds going to the OTIS Foundation.

Breast cancer is the most common new cancer for Victorian women, with almost 4,300 new diagnoses each year – accounting for almost a third of all cancers in women.

Bendigo Bank State Manager Tim Rodda is proud that Bendigo Bank has been the principal partner of the OTIS foundation for almost ten years.

“Since 2008, we have gifted $1.2 million in recurrent funds to OTIS, helping cover administrative and operational costs. This ensures the highest percentage possible of all donations goes directly towards providing women diagnosed with breast cancer the opportunity to stay at an OTIS Retreat” Mr Rodda said.

“During Breast Cancer Awareness month, we are proud to help OTIS even further with the Little Blue Towels fundraising campaign.

“We all know someone who has battled breast cancer, so we encourage everyone in Regional Victoria to call into their local Bendigo Bank branch and buy a packet of Little Blue Towels.”

Every Bendigo Bank branch in Regional Victoria will be participating in the fundraiser – 128 in all. Packs of five towels are $7, with 100 percent of proceeds from the sale of these recycled towels go to the OTIS Foundation.