Before you know it, you’re dreaming of your next purchase.

Granted, the seed was probably sewn from a feeling of discontent – a frustrating lack of space, a strange sense of quiet, or a burning need for a new environment and a fresh start. So, let’s take a closer look at the most common reasons people choose to sell up, and buy up.

Your little family’s growing up

Babies take up very little room, and toddlers spend more time in your bed than in theirs. In your family’s infancy things are challenging, but manageable. But, after a few years, the sheer volume of toys, pictures, and tripping hazards necessitates more storage, wall, and floor space. It’s time to upsize, for your own sanity.

Your grown family’s moving out

You’ve sacrificed much to raise your kids. Now they’ve moved into a place of their own your priorities can change.

For many, working out just what those priorities are can be harder than you might think. Maintaining a large family home when there is no longer a large family to live in it can seem, well, pointless. Selling it for something more manageable can free up funds to enjoy life’s pleasures such as travel, hobbies, volunteering, whatever. A smaller home can lead to big changes in your lifestyle.

You crave a sea/tree change

Sometimes it can sneak up on you, sometimes it can hit you like peak hour traffic. You’re just not enjoying city life.

It’s not just first home buyers looking for affordable property beyond the suburbs. Thousands of next home buyers are flocking to coastal and regional towns as well. A nicer home at half the price. A peaceful town in a picturesque setting. A commute similar to that of an outer suburb. Are you convinced yet?

Life just happened

Good, bad, or otherwise, sometimes circumstances outside of your control dictate your life’s next chapter.

A thoughtful, well-planned purchase of your next home might help you take back the reins. Whatever stage of life you’re in, buying your next home is more than just a big dream, it’s a big decision.

For a little guidance (or to jump right in), chat with your local Bendigo Bank lender.


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