Forget BSB and account numbers

Instead, you can register a PayID, such as your mobile number or email address, to your nominated account to receive payments.

A PayID does the same job as a BSB and account number, it’s just easier to remember. But if a BSB and account number is all you have, that’s fine. Your payment will still be made.

Business customers can also register an ABN as a PayID in person or on the phone.

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E-banking and the Bendigo Bank app

In person

At your nearest Bendigo Bank branch

On the phone

Give us a call on 1300 236 344

Register a PayID and make a payment to a PayID.

Register your mobile number or email address to be your PayID. Each PayID can only be linked to one of your bank accounts, however, one account can have multiple PayIDs linked to it. Watch the videos to find out more.

Faster Payments

Make and receive faster payments

  • Faster payments will be made by Osko, a new service from BPAY, designed to safely and securely move money faster, 24/7.
  • Osko is built into the Pay Anyone service in your Bendigo e-banking and the Bendigo Bank app.
  • Sending fast payments: All new and existing Pay Anyone customers will have the ability to send faster payments to a PayID or via BSB and Account Number.
  • Receiving fast payments: If you have e-banking, you will automatically receive faster payments via your BSB and account number or a PayID, if you have registered one.

Osko and PayID industry release timelines

Each Financial Institution has its own timeline for releasing Osko and PayID services.

At Bendigo Bank we are providing both Osko and PayID, however, the person you are paying or receiving a payment from, may not yet be connected through their financial institution.

  • Check this with the person you are trying to pay – they should know when they will be able to receive these type of payments.
  • The PayID confirmation step will tell you if the person you are trying to pay has access to this service. Remember, you can still pay this person the usual way via their BSB and account number.
  • Visit the NPPA website to see which financial institutions are offering Osko and PayID services.

Create a PayID in e-banking

  • Go to settings
  • Select Manage PayIDs
  • Select the ‘+’ symbol
  • Select the account you wish to link your new PayID to
  • Select the mobile phone or email address you want to use as a PayID , or you can add a new mobile phone number or email address (if you add a new PayID, you will need your security token)
  • Once you select your PayID type, you will be sent a 6 digit verification number via SMS to the mobile device or to the email address you are registering
  • Enter the 6 digit number in the confirmation screen
  • A confirmation message will show that PayID registration has been successful

If you are a non-individual account or a business account holder, you can register a PayID at your local Bendigo Bank branch or on the phone 1300 236 344.

View current PayIDs

  • Go to settings
  • Select Manage PayIDs

Make a fast payment to a PayID (mobile phone number)

  • Click on 'Move Money'
  • Click 'Pay Anyone'
  • Click 'New payee'
  • Click 'Phone Number'
  • Type in their mobile number, then click 'Next' (The account holder who has registered the PayID will be displayed)
  • Click the account you wish to make the payment from
  • Enter the $ amount and a description then click 'Next'
  • Click 'Submit'

Follow the same process for other PayIDs or you can choose to send to a BSB and Account Number.