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Estates and Trusts

Sandhurst Trustees Limited, part of Bendigo Wealth, has been an authority on Wills for over 100 years. With Sandhurst Trustees preparing your Will, you have peace of mind knowing that your Will is valid and up-to-date. If you decide to appoint Sandhurst Trustees as your executor, you will also be confident your estate will be professionally managed.

Advantages of appointing Sandhurst Trustees Limited as an executor or trustee

  • The company is perpetual
  • The company's staff is specially trained to administer estates
  • The company administers estates impartially, with reason and consideration


What is a Will and why should I make a Will?

Your Will is a legal document which ensures that your assets are distributed after your death according to your wishes. Your will appoints an executor to distribute your estate.

If you are 18 years or over, you can and should make a will.

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Estate planning

Estate or succession planning co-ordinates the passing of ownership of your assets and control of your affairs to your chosen beneficiaries.

Will making is an important part of the process, but a simple will may not be sufficient for some people, particularly if you have a family business, non-estate assets, or family members who do not always see eye to eye.

Sandhurst Trustees offers a full range of estate planning services. To find out more information about Estate Planning click here.

Power of attorney

What is a power of attorney?
A power of attorney is a legal document authorising another person (called the attorney) to act on your behalf. A power of attorney appoints an attorney to manage your financial affairs, either on a temporary basis or a continuing basis.

Circumstances when you may require a power of attorney:

  • Accident or sudden illness – when you are incapacitated, either temporarily or permanently
  • Travel – when you are away from home for a period and cannot attend to your affairs personally
  • Retirement
  • Unexpected absences

Find out more information about the Power of Attorney.

Wills and estates current charges

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The Frances & Harold Abbott Foundation

The Frances & Harold Abbott Foundation was established as a charitable trust on the death of prominent Bendigo businessman, Harold Athelstane Abbott who died in 1979. The trust's purpose is to support charitable organisations. Sandhurst Trustees is the trustee of the Foundation and reviews all grant applications.

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