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Why are more people turning to the share market to reach their financial goals?

28 September 2020 | 4 min read

As you get older, your goals begin to change. For young adults, funding a first car or a gallivanting gap year are common ambitions. But things may have changed since the days when a debit card and a savings account were all you needed to get by.

And as your goals evolve - owning your first home, building a family, and your career, just to name a few – many Australians are changing how they go about fulfilling those dreams.

As a result, investing in shares is becoming a more popular investment strategy for people in their 20s, 30s and 40s.

Australians love to invest in shares and 35% of the adult population own listed investments like shares over and above their superannuation investments.

Market opportunities

Even with the disruptions caused by COVID-19, investors’ appetite for the share market hasn’t wavered.

In fact, in March and April new Bendigo Invest Direct accounts were opened at 4.4 times the rate of the same time last year.

And according to the 2020 ASX Australian Investor Study, investors were “more likely to increase their holding of growth assets like shares” rather than sell them off.

Some see this as an opportunity. And so can you.

Recent fluctuations in share values certainly appear to have made it more attractive to invest in shares. Plus, the rise of affordable online share trading has made it accessible to more Australians.

Low brokerage fees with minimum investment amounts of just $500 dollars (plus brokerage) means smaller investors can more easily enter the market.

Get educated

If share trading is new to you, it won’t be for long. Our online share trading platform, Bendigo Invest Direct, offers free tutorials and learning modules.

And it pays to educate yourself as shares can be a higher risk investment.

Bendigo Invest Direct has information about planning your investment approach, and how diversification and long-term investing are important elements of managing risk.

The free company research and analysis can also build your market knowledge and trading confidence, although of course, you may also wish to seek professional advice.

Investment choices

Investors can manage their portfolios, place domestic and international orders, view live data and monitor news in the stock market anywhere, at any time.

Bendigo Invest Direct even gives you access to Exchange Traded Funds, Managed Funds, and International Shares.

For anyone looking to build their financial security, the potential for growth in the years to come has made share trading a popular investment choice. And as young people increasingly enter the market, first cars and gap years might become more achievable than ever.

If you’d like to explore your investment opportunities and learn more about online share trading, visit Bendigo Invest Direct.

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