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Community Enterprise Foundation™ aims to bring together people who care about their communities and make it easier and more efficient for them to make contributions that achieve positive local outcomes.

A single foundation, capable of being the gifting structure for hundreds of communities and causes, makes our Foundation’s structure unique and highly effective.

As the philanthropic arm of the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group the Foundation has worked closely with Bendigo Bank’s network of community and charitable partners since its inception in 2005.

The Foundation collects donations and contributions in a tax-effective way from individuals, businesses and governments. It also offers communities with an opportunity to build their own pool of funds to be reinvested back into the community as they see fit.

The Trustee of the Foundation is Sandhurst Trustees, whose experience of over 120 years ensures best practice in governance and compliance.

The Foundation’s administrative services are subsidised by the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group.

As a result, our gift to Australian communities is access to the best possible gifting structure.

Australia's Community Heros Report - Community Enterprise Foundation™  

This year has seen the network showcase their capability to collaborate and partner for the greater good, as the meaning of community extends beyond more than just geographic borders.

Our commitment is to provide you with the expertise, tools and resources to respond to the current and future needs of your community.

Read how our partners have invested in their community outcomes this year.

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