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Investment strategies

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How do I choose an investment strategy for my super?

It’s important to understand that all investment strategies carry some level of risk. Every investment has the potential to deliver a range of results, including poor or negative returns.

Generally, the higher the risk you're prepared to accept, the higher the potential return in the long term.

With super, there is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach. What suits you, may not suit the next person. When it comes to choosing an investment strategy for your super, there are a few factors to consider:

  • Your age and how long until you can access your super
  • How much income you may need when you retire
  • How much risk you are willing to take to achieve that income
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Choose your super fund
Choose your super fund


If you’re not expecting to access your super for five years or more, you may want to consider a growth investment style. A growth option carries greater risk as it’s likely to experience short term volatility. However, over the long term it will likely achieve higher returns, a better income in retirement, and could maximise the potential returns of your super.

Because a growth investment strategy requires a long term outlook, it’s usually a more suitable choice when you are younger. This is because you’re likely to have time on your side should your super balance drop due to market downturns.


On the other hand, if you are nearing the end of your career or planning for retirement, a conservative investment style may be more suitable. While a more defensive strategy tends to deliver lower returns, this option aims to reduce risk and help minimise your super balance dropping.


Lastly, you may fall somewhere in the middle and be more comfortable taking on a moderate level of risk. If so, you accept lower returns than a growth strategy but with less volatility. If this sounds like you, a balanced investment style may be an appropriate option.

When should you change your investment strategy?

As your working life progresses your super strategy will change. And over time, your focus will probably shift from growing to preserving your super balance. An investment strategy that suits you earlier in your working life, is unlikely to be appropriate when you’re near retirement age.

Ensuring your super is being invested in the right way for your specific needs is important. If you’re uncertain how your super is being invested, check your latest super statement.

Bendigo MySuper

Many super funds, including Bendigo Super, offer MySuper options when you join the fund.

If you invest with Bendigo MySuper, you’re allocated to a fund according to your aged-based life stage:

When you join Bendigo Super you can choose how to invest for your retirement. If you don't choose an investment strategy, your super will be invested with Bendigo MySuper. Your funds will be assigned depending on your age and will change as you reach the next life stage.

Bendigo SmartStart Super

If you prefer a more hands-on approach to your super, there are a variety of investment strategies to choose from.

SmartStart Super has an investment option to suit your needs, including socially responsible and cash options. If you’re unsure what’s best for you, you can arrange to speak with our wealth concierge team.

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