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Margin Lending

A margin loan lets you borrow funds against your own investment to buy more financial products. It can magnify the gains to generate further wealth, but can also magnify the losses.

Borrowing to invest

Investors are always on the lookout for ways to boost their investment power in a tax effective way.  A margin loan from Bendigo and Adelaide Bank's margin lending specialist Leveraged, provides access to funds to gain additional exposure to investments, dividends, franking credits and the potential to accelerate investment returns.

The margin loan products referenced on this page are issued by our wholly owned subsidiary Leveraged Equities Limited.

Why a Leveraged margin loan?

Competitive rate

Take advantage of discounted rates with a 6 or 12 month fixed rate loan.

Tax effective

Interest paid up to 30 June, including amounts paid in advance, may be tax deductible this financial year.

Comprehensive product suite

Best of breed products and features including a monthly repayment plan in case of a margin call with our Investment Funds Multiplier.

Shares/ETFs/Managed funds

Comprehensive and diverse Acceptable Investments List.

International securities

Extensive list of international securities across developed markets.

Customer satisfaction

Dedicated Customer Service Team to assist you with any queries.

Graph showing how quickly you can achieve your financial goals using a margin loan versus other investment options when investing in the stock market.

How does borrowing to invest in shares compare?

See how quickly you can achieve your financial goals in a given timeframe using a margin loan versus different investment options with our Financial Goals Simulator.

Want to learn more?

Learn all about gearing and how you can build wealth with these handy videos.

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Gearing explained

Gearing into equities may sound complicated, but it's actually a very common way of building wealth. In simple terms, if you have money that you want to invest in shares or managed funds, gearing into equities is where you can borrow more money using a margin loan, allowing you to buy more shares. Why do this? Well, the more shares you have, the greater your return will be if the shares increase in value.

For example, Dave has $15,000 that he wants to invest in some shares. After speaking with his relationship manager at Leveraged, Dave discovered that based on the shares he wants to buy, he can borrow up to $35,000 through a margin loan and gear his investment. Dave decides to borrow only $25,000 and buys $40,000 worth of shares. Six months later, his investment has gone up by 4% and paid a 2% dividend. In this scenario. Dave has earned $2,400. But what if he decided not to gear and just invest his own money? Dave would still have made $900, but this is only around 40% of what he could have made in the first scenario. Of course, there is interest to be considered, but overall, Dave is in a better position by choosing to gear in this example.

Gearing into equities can be a great way to build wealth for medium to long term investments. But remember, just as gearing can magnify your returns, it can also magnify your losses. If you have questions or would like to learn more about gearing into equities, why not speak with us at Leveraged? They can take you through your options and point you in the right direction to securing your financial future and achieving your goals.

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Combining strategies to build wealth

Meet Jess. Like most of us, Jess has big life goals, like buying a house, furthering her education, travel, and retiring comfortably. But to achieve all this, it's going to cost Jess money, money she currently doesn't have and money that may take a long time to save.

Luckily, Jess has a plan to make sure she has the money she needs at the time she needs it. She decides to combine two powerful investment strategies, the discipline of a regular savings plan plus regular monthly borrowed funds to help her build wealth for a future.

Jess lands her first job and starts thinking about buying a house, but she knows it's going to be tough to say for a deposit for her first home through cash savings alone. So Jess decides to borrow money to invest in shares and managed funds.

As Jess contributes money to invest each month it is matched with loan capital, accelerating her progress towards her goal. This means that she could have her new house deposit more quickly than if she'd saved through cash alone. Jess sells some of her shares and takes out a mortgage to buy the house. Way to go, Jess.

Soon after Jess meets Michael and they have two children. As Jess has continued to regularly invest, she's been able to pay for lots of things that come up, like her children's education or even her own studies.

With the kids almost ready to leave home, Jess is now focused on building wealth for her retirement, as she knows how important it is to not solely rely on superannuation.

Jess continues to invest. When the time is right, she can then sell some of her investments to pay off her mortgage. In this instance, Jess will still have investments that can continue to grow outside of superannuation, seeing her through a comfortable retirement.

This investment strategy help Jess through three important stages of her financial life. Borrowing to invest can be a great way to build a wealth for medium to long term investments, but remember there are risks involved. And just as it can magnify your returns, it can also magnify your losses.

To see if this strategy is right for you, talk to your financial advisor or contact Leveraged, we'll point you in the right direction.

Seamless integration with Bendigo Invest Direct

A margin loan from Leveraged is fully integrated^ with our easy to use, affordable online share trading platform, Bendigo Invest Direct (BID). 

BID is all about confidence, providing all the market leading research, sophisticated analytics tools,  speed and access you need to identify opportunities and execute trades.

^ Executing Exchange Traded Options (ETOs) trades using a margin loan, is only available via phone.

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Bendigo Invest Direct

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