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Superannuation unit prices

These application and redemption prices are current as to the time of this communication, however, you may not receive these prices should you apply for or redeem units on or after the time of this communication. Cut-off times for applications and redemptions are set out in the product disclosure statement for the relevant fund.

Transaction processing timeframes are extended at income distribution times, this is to ensure unit prices and distribution rates calculated are fair and reasonable. We appreciate your patience and aim to process these requests as soon possible.

Superannuation products are issued by our wholly owned subsidiary Bendigo Superannuation Pty Ltd.

Name Effective date Application $ Withdrawal $ APIR code
Bendigo Balanced Index Fund 16/05/2022 1.3952 1.3921 STL0033AU
Bendigo Balanced Wholesale Fund 13/05/2022 0.9810 0.9775 STL0013AU
Bendigo Conservative Index Fund 16/05/2022 1.2338 1.2311 STL0032AU
Bendigo Conservative Wholesale Fund 13/05/2022 1.0177 1.0147 STL0012AU
Bendigo Defensive Index Fund 16/05/2022 1.0725 1.0696 STL0031AU
Bendigo Defensive Wholesale Fund 13/05/2022 1.0319 1.0295 STL0029AU
Bendigo Growth Index Fund 16/05/2022 1.6198 1.6162 STL0034AU
Bendigo Growth Wholesale Fund 13/05/2022 0.9333 0.9295 STL0014AU
Bendigo High Growth Index Fund 16/05/2022 1.6871 1.6840 STL0035AU
Bendigo High Growth Wholesale Fund 13/05/2022 1.3224 1.3164 STL0030AU
Bendigo Socially Responsibe Growth Fund 09/05/2022 1.0843 1.0823 STL0055AU
Sandhurst Strategic Income Fund 17/05/2022 1.0248 1.0233 STL0044AU

Unit price history

View the historical unit price of your underlying investment/s.

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