Sponsorships & Grants

When you choose to be a Beaufort Community Bank® branch customer, you not only make a decision that benefits you, you also make one that benefits your community.

Since opening in 2002, Beaufort Community Bank® branch has contributed over $1,200,000 to the local community through grants, sponsorships and dividends.

You may not think it matters who you bank with. But we know that’s not the case. Just take a look at our Community Balance Sheet.

Yes, it’s time to feel good about who you bank with.

2018 Community Investment Program

Applications for our 2018 Community Investment Grants Program have now closed. Successful applications will be announced at our AGM on the 30th October.


We take requests for sponsorship on an on-going basis. If you would like to apply for sponsorship for your organisation or an event, please complete the sponsorship form below. If you have any questions, you can contact our Company Secretary via email at secretary@beaufortcfs.com.au

Sponsorships provided in 2017

Here are just some of the sponsorships we provided in 2017:

  • Waubra Primary School: $1,500
  • Beaufort Primary School: $1,060
  • Beaufort Football & Netball Club: $1,650
  • Beaufort Agricultural Society: $700
  • Beaufort Progress Association: $2,000
  • Beaufort & District Little Athletics: $1,500 & 10,000
  • Snake Valley Photographic Club: $780
  • Beaufort Community House & Learning Centre: $300
  • Ballarat Redan Cricket Club: $600.00
  • Lexton Community Hall Committee: $1,000
  • Burrumbeet Race Club: $1,650
  • Beaufort and District Adult Riding Club: $1,000
  • Ballarat Redan Cricket Club Trots Night: $600
  • Lexton Junior Cricket Club: $1,000
  • Beaufort Secondary College Year 7 Scholarship: $1,000

That’s more than $27,000 between July and December 2017!
This is the power of banking with us – we are committed to putting our profits back into the local community.

Sponsorships provided in 2018 (as at 1st May 2018)

Here are some of the sponsorships we have provided thus far in 2018:

  • Beaufort & Skipton Health Services (Murray to Moyne): $2,000
  • Skipton Golf & Bowls Club: $200
  • Pyrenees Arts Council:  $2,500
  • Beaufort Table Tennis Club: $300
  • Burrumbeet Uniting Church: $900
  • Burrumbeet Soldiers Memorial Hall: $120
  • Skipton & District Photographic Club: $450
  • Friends of Lake Burrumbeet Inc.: $200

Apply for Sponsorship

Sponsorship Application Form

Talent Release Form

If you are successful in gaining sponsorship, we request that you promote us as sponsors of your organisation or event. We will outline the requirements in our sponsorship agreement.


We have an annual Community Investments Grants Program each year opening in August. We will host an information evening for potential grant applicants prior to the opening of the round.

If you would like to be notified when the next Grant Round opens, please email our Secretary with the following details:

  • Name
  • Organisation/ Club
  • Contact Number
  • Email Address

Grants Funded in 2017

Here are the grants we awarded in 2017:

  • Rotary Club of Beaufort: $900
  • Linton Bowling Club: $2,000
  • Beaufort Municipal Band: $1,100
  • Beaufort Historical Society: $2,500
  • Woady Yalloak Historical Society: $389
  • Burrumbeet Soldiers Memorial Hall: $850
  • Beaufort Apex Club: $15,000
  • Business for Beaufort: $2,500
  • Beaufort Agricultural Show: $1,980
  • Lake Goldsmith Steam Preservation Society: $1,291
  • Waubra Community Hub: $1,420
  • Beaufort Garden Club: $2,000

That’s $33,430 awarded in grants for 2017 to the local community!