Easy Switching

When you choose to do your banking with the Bendigo we make a commitment to ensure your best interests are our first priority. That’s why we’re making it easy for you to transfer your banking to us.

We make it easy to switch your regular debits and credits from your old financial institution to your new Bendigo Bank account.

Find out how you can open your new account.

You have two easy switching options.

1. Let us do the work for you!
(personal accounts only)

Step 1. Identify

Within 1 days

Step 1. We identify your regular payments

After you've opened an account, complete the Switch of regular payment arrangements form and return it to your closest Bendigo Bank branch.

We'll then find out what your direct debits and credits are and send you your 'Regular Payments List' to review within 10 days days.

Step 2. Notify

Within 7 days

Step 2. We notify your suppliers

After you have reviewed your 'Regular Payments List' and decided which payments you would like to switch and/or cancel, we'll notify your suppliers within days.

Step 3. Payments

Within 2 days

Step 3. We start paying your direct debits

You should now start seeing your direct debits and credits occur automatically from your Bendigo Bank account. At this time, you can close your account at your old financial insititution.

2. Switch accounts yourself using the letters provided
(suitable for personal and business accounts)

Step 1. Open an account

Step 2. Organise direct debits and credits to start on your new account

Please use these PDF Change of advice letter templates: Instructions on how to use the 'Change of advice' letter templates.

Change of advice letter for regular debits

Change of advice letter for regular credits

For detailed information about the required steps please refer to the following guide:

Account switching self help guide