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Business owners have told us they want competitive rates, a wide product range, and their banking made easy. If that’s what matters to you, let’s talk business.

Managing your cash flow

Ensuring your day-to-day business details run smoothly, we offer a competitive range of transaction and savings accounts specifically designed to help you access your money and take care of business.

Growing your business

Big, small, established or new, if you need finance, we have a range of business and commercial loans to suit your unique needs.

Supporting your business

Tips, tools, and resources to help your business succeed.

Trading with confidence

We offer a range of other financial solutions to allow your business to run smoothly so that you can focus on growing your business and better service your customers.

Operating internationally

We provide secure solutions and competitive rates that allows you to transfer funds or travel overseas with confidence.

Not sure which solution is right for you?

We have a range of specialists who can work with you to tailor the right solution

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Tips on how you can better manage cash flow

What’s the number one issue keeping business owners up at night? Cash flow. Put simply, having money in the bank to cover your business expenses. 

How to borrow to grow your business

The thought of growing your business can be daunting. The good news is there are so many options available so you can tailor finance to suit you.

Economic update with David Robertson

David Robertson, Head of Economic and Markets Research provides a monthly update on the economy and market. This overview summarizes the primary features of the global news and provides the latest news and views on our domestic economy and interest rates.

Customer testimonials

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Cairns Golf Club testimonial

Right from day one, when we first sat down with the business banker from Bendigo Bank, they actually made us feel like our business matters. The business banker was right there asking questions, down to pipe sizes, stuff like that. So, to have that understanding, it showed they cared and that our business mattered to them.

My name's Matt Bolton. I'm the general manager of Cairns Golf Club here in Far North Queensland. One of the big things we learned during the COVID period, when effectively the clubhouse was closed down, golf is our bread and butter.

It's what we do. So, we needed to fix the irrigation system.

Getting the support of Bendigo Bank was pivotal in getting this irrigation system done. There's no way we could have completed the project without their support. That's revolutionised our operation. Being able to get that irrigation system installed changed this club's trajectory for the next 30 years. We've never really been able to put the water where we want it. It's just let it fall out of the sky. So now with the irrigation system, we can actually put the water where we want.

The labour we used to waste, 25 to 30 hours a week turning stuff off and on. Now, we're actually going to be able to put that to better use in fixing the golf course, making it better, making other improvements.

The facility we've got is very flexible, very handy for us. So the loan that we actually use for the irrigation system, it's great. We can transfer money so simply backward and forwards to our standard operating account when we need it. And then obviously when we get funds coming back in, we can transfer it back over onto the loan. And we've got around five or six cards that staff use for different sections, which just gives the flexibility to do what we need.

We would 100% recommend Bendigo Bank to other operations, other golf courses, other community clubs. Go and talk to your local business banker. They've been fantastic to deal with for us and couldn't recommend them highly enough.

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MediADVICE testimonial

I feel like my business really matters with the Bendigo Bank because they're always keeping in touch with you. They see how you're going. If I need anything, I call, they respond straight away.

My name is Binh Luu, and I'm the director of MediADVICE. We started in '95, our first business. We've been practicing there for about eight years. After that, we got into community pharmacy business.

Now I want to change the workflow in the pharmacy, not just retail, but more consultation. So we set up this training centre and make sure that the workflow is correct. We found that Bendigo Bank work really well with us because they would take on the opportunity, dissect it, and understand the business and believe in what we're trying to do. So that's how Bendigo Bank fund us into the next phase of our business. If we have a concrete plan, Bendigo Bank would always be there.

Being involved in business, you got to be abreast with all the new technology, all the new finance opportunity. They have business banking, which we use, and we use them to invest in pharmacies. We use them for our EFTPOS machine. We also use them for knowledge and discuss what we wanted to do, is their opportunity to utilise what you have and grow, and they're available.

There's a lot of bank out there, but you got to choose one that will understand you, that you can relate to, or you learn with who's a phone call away, and Bendigo Bank is a good choice.

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Norsafe testimonial

What sets Bendigo Bank apart is how they make you feel. The fact that we actually matter, and that our business is important, and they can see the opportunities that we can present to the community, and I'm really thankful for that.

I'm Heidi Jonsson, the Founder and Director of Norsafe. We specialize in electrical safety testing. I've got an amazing team of people that help us execute this very important work. Proud to say that we've removed thousands of unsafe electrical items from workplaces.

My little brother was killed on the farm when we were kids. I saw the damage that it did to our family and it was a tragedy that has never left. I don't want other people's families to go through the same hurt that we did. Yeah, so I get up every day loving what we do, because I know we get the opportunity to save someone's life.

10 years ago, I was driving around the Cape on my own in a ute, in all these remote communities, trying to grow little bit by a little bit, and it did take a long time. The assistance that Bendigo Bank gave me in one transaction has helped me double the business out of sight. Really quick growth that I couldn't have done without Bendigo Bank.

The loan helped me with the acquisition of my competitor's business, because I didn't have to put any money down, and the equity from this property purchased the business. It actually freed us up with a lot of other expenses that you would normally have, like the additional wages that we required, we purchased a couple of new vehicles for the new technicians, and if I had had to put a deposit down, it would've been almost unobtainable.

I'm deeply proud of the fact that most of our team members are women. It's no secret that the electrical trade is very heavily male dominated. I think it's important that we are visible. We literally are proof that it doesn't matter what gender you are, you can work in this trade. What would I say to business owners that don't bank with Bendigo? I think you should just do it. Pick up the phone today. These guys are amazing. They've just helped me double my business overnight. Bendigo Bank has literally made my dreams come true.

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Plinius Engineering testimonial

Bendigo Bank makes me feel like my business matters because they make us feel that we're important. Professionalism, everything that they've done demonstrates to us that we matter.

My name's Wayne Squire, managing director of Plinius Engineering. Plinius Engineering is a structural steel company. Started out in the mid '50s doing small engineering, wrought iron gates and fences. It's evolved now into larger projects, structural steel, stadiums, schools, hospitals, that sort of thing. Bendigo Bank, they have everything in place, the solution for everything we need, and we've done from equipment finance to expansion of buildings, company credit cards, to payroll, to overdrafts. Hasn't been a, "No, you can't do this." There's always been a way to do this, and that's the difference.

There's a few challenges that this industry has, and going through those challenges and meeting those commitments, having Bendigo Bank behind you to enable you to do that is important. We can walk into the office and talk to them directly, and they know what's going on with our business and they have the same forward vision for us as what we have. I love the fact that they make my job a lot easier and less stressful. I can focus on the future. I can focus on the now, and I've got people that have got my back. They've never let us down once.

One of the things that Bendigo did for us was they pre-approved for the future. We've got pre-approval on equipment. That's been fantastic. That's been a game changer for us as well. Where we were once upon a time, a small little business, hammering out steel on an anvil and drilling holes. Now we're up there with the leaders in the industry and with the full support of Bendigo Bank. It wouldn't have happened without them.

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Moo's at Meeniyan testimonial

Bendigo Bank I see as my little big bank. It's big in the respect that it competes with the big banks and offers all those services, but it's my little local bank. I can just go around the corner and they'll look after me.

My name is Marty. I have a restaurant here in Meeniyan called Moo's. I've been in hospitality all my life. It's always been my passion to make people feel happy and special.

Bendigo Bank has made me feel that my business matters by being a customer. I think that's really important. We like to support people who support us and vice versa, but also Bendigo Bank are always there for me when I need them. That's the most important thing. It's quite refreshing to know that I've got them just around the corner. The community here have been so generous. We've had fundraisers throughout the years. Everybody has been so welcoming and the community have totally supported me. I'm lucky that I do something that I love, a business that can help not only sustain my life, but and can help others. And I feel very blessed that I'm able to help out. And Bendigo Bank have helped do that.

My business-wise, I have an everyday business trading account and the loan on the building of the restaurant. And then I have also my home and investment property and a personal bank account as well. They all package in really well together. It's really quite intuitive. I can transfer and it makes it really easy for me amongst all the different accounts. I'm very glad that I opened my Bendigo bank account. When I started the business, they really did help me from the word go setting up a business, which was all foreign to me because I hadn't owned a business before. So basically from there, business really kickoff really quite well. Without having a bank like Bendigo Bank, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to grow my business. And I feel as though I can really rely on Bendigo Bank.

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Taylor Hospitality testimonial

I know my business matters to Bendigo Bank because they genuinely care. When they come in and visit and frequent the venues, they check in with me, but also they dine and take out new clients to those venues all the time. And they showcase to those clients what can happen with a great partnership.

My name is Brian Taylor at Taylor Hospitality here in Ballarat. In 2009, we started Hop Temple, which is a craft beer and food hall. It's down a laneway in this old warehouse, which was condemned at the time and no one wanted to use it. Bendigo Bank helped us see the vision that we could create something there.

We've always bought buildings that have been vacant and have to renovate and do up, and Bendigo Bank has been fantastic to see the vision that we present to them. And so Bendigo has been flexible enough to be able to do that.

With Hop Temple being so successful, we've decided to go out and do some more, and different types of venues. And Bendigo Bank had that trust and had that vision. People think of Bendigo Bank as that community bank where you got that great relationship, but it's more than that. It's a commercial bank, a commercial bank that actually can do a lot for you.

Because we have so many different businesses, we have lots of different needs. And Bendigo Bank has been fantastic in regards to the flexibility they offer with loans, Tyro, EFTPOS facilities, business credit cards. They've been great to partner with to achieve the outcomes we need for those businesses.

If you don't move quickly in business, you get left behind, I can tell you that now. So it's fantastic to have someone like Bendigo Bank to be able to move quickly with you.

If you've got a successful business, money will come. But what I love the most is seeing people grow. I see staff come from 18 all the way to 60 and we see them grow as people. And that's what we're trying to develop is great culture. And the relationship we have with Bendigo, they've got great culture and their culture aligns with our culture as a business.


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Lacy Jewellery testimonial

Danielle Lacy:
Bendigo Bank show that our business matters to them by taking the initiative to be in touch with us and to review things and improve things in our business when it's needed.

And that's what we really appreciate with Bendigo Bank, that we're more than just a spreadsheet. They've trusted us as people and put faith in us.

Danielle Lacy:
So this is Phil, and I'm Danielle Lacy, and this is our business, Lacy Jewellery Studio. We started this in 2004 in this little town of Meeniyan. Growing up, there was a beautiful little craft shop here, and I think we've just tried to carry on that tradition a little bit by having a little specialty shop here.

Bendigo Bank have been helping us with restructuring our loans, business loans, personal mortgages, and how they all linked together. It's been really seamless. We were able to buy the business, buy the building. As we've needed help from the bank, they've always come to the party, which has been great. Now it's more than just being in business just to make money, it's being part of the community. When you're in business, you don't want to be dealing with the red tape and chasing people, and you want it done, so you make the phone call and with Bendigo Bank and it gets done and it's easy. And if it's easy, then it works for us, doesn't it? Definitely 100%, give Bendigo Bank a call.

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Mobo Group testimonial

Customer service isn't just about responding to a request, it's about a relationship, and the way that Bendigo Bank show that we matter is they're just there to support us and work with us when we've got a problem or we need help. That's the connection, and connection's important.

My name's Andrew Ramsey, I'm the CEO of Mobo Group. Mobo Group's a disability services provider. We provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities to be engaged in employment. We run social enterprises for people with NDIS plans, and we help job seekers into open employment as well. When they first came to Mobo Group, their parents didn't envision that they could be at work or work independently, and we proved them wrong. I just love the difference that we make, it's really as simple as that. There is not an alternative for the people that we support, so that's why we have to be here.

The value is in having a partnership, having somebody that you can speak to. I've not found any bank, even close second, to being able to speak with them and have a conversation, get the support you want, and the customer service. It truly is a partnership, it's one way we feel like we are supported. We've got somebody working for us, not against us, and that matters to us. So when you've got somebody that's working with you and understands your mission and why you exist, that's special.

We engage with Bendigo Bank because they were much more customer-centric in their activity, and they worked with us, they listened to us. We've always had somebody that we could speak to. We've got our trading account, we've got investment accounts, we've got a number of term deposit accounts, and we've got debit cards and credit cards. And we've also had EFTPOS facilities as well, and the Bendigo Bank's facilities make that possible. They're the types of supports we're going to need. We're going to need a banking partner that is going to be responsive and able to help us as we establish different business structures in the future.



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