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Interest rate risk products

Choose the right interest rate risk product for protection and opportunity.

Interest rate risk management

Lower your costs and increase your profits. Managing your interest rate risk protects you from adverse interest rate movements and benefits you from favourable ones. 

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Interest Rate Swap

What is it?

Interest Rate Swap is a tool that helps you manage interest rate movement risk over an agreed period.


  • Protects borrowers from increases in interest rates.
  • Highly flexible to meet customer’s specific risk management needs.
Interest Rate Cap

What is it?

Interest Rate Caps ensure the interest rate on your variable rate loan will not go above a specified rate over an agreed period.


  • Limits exposure to interest rate increases while still maintaining the flexibility of a variable rate.
  • Allows you to receive the benefit of any rate decreases.
Interest Rate Collar

What is it?

Interest Rate Collars allow you to set a maximum and a minimum interest rate for your variable interest rate loan over an agreed period.


  • Reduces your exposure to interest rate movements.
  • Allows you to set the maximum and minimum interest rate payable.

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