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Common credit card fees you should be aware of

Credit card fees can sometimes be a bit confusing.

We want to make sure you’re able to easily understand them, and to provide you with the knowledge to keep them to a minimum whenever possible.

The fees applicable to Bendigo Bank credit cards are outlined in the credit card schedule which you received after successfully applying for your Bendigo Bank credit card.

From time to time we may also change the fees and charges that apply to your Bendigo Bank credit card. If we do, we give you a notice telling you about the changes and when they take effect.

You can contact us for more information about the fees that apply to Bendigo Bank credit cards.

How an annual fee works

If you have a credit card an annual fee may apply. Once you sign up to one of our credit cards, that’s when the annual fee becomes payable.

If an annual fee applies to your Bendigo Bank credit card it will usually be debited to your card account on the day before your first monthly statement is issued. From then on, it’ll be charged annually unless stated otherwise.

If you’re looking to reduce the annual fee you’re paying, and you aren’t using all the benefits of your card, it might be worth considering a different credit card with a lower annual fee to save money. Compare our cards, contact your local branch, call us to find out more.

Cash advance fee and interest

If you use your Bendigo Bank credit card to withdraw cash it’s important to know that a cash advance fee may apply.

Cash advances are also charged interest at the cash advance rate, which may be higher than the purchase rate.

In addition, there’s no interest free period on cash advances. This means that interest is charged at the higher cash advance rate from the time the cash advance is made until it’s completely paid off.

Other transactions that we consider to be ‘cash-like’ are also treated as a cash advance and will attract a cash advance fee.

Cash advances include:

  • Credit provided through a Pay Anyone transaction, a Bendigo Phone Banking transaction, or a Bendigo e-banking transaction.

  • When you provide a merchant with your BSB and account number to establish a direct debit payment to your credit card account.

  • Transactions performed with a merchant or through a payment terminal setup with a merchant category code that relates to gambling or lotteries.

  • Transactions relating to gambling or the purchase of lottery tickets or prepaid cards or money transfers.

More information on cash advances is included in the terms and conditions that apply to your Bendigo Bank credit card.

How to avoid a cash advance fee

The easiest way to avoid cash advance fees is not to undertake transactions that are treated as a cash advance.

You can also use our card controls to turn off (or on) your ability to use the cash advance option, as well as a range of other transaction types. These controls can be accessed through your e-banking or the Bendigo Bank app. To find these controls

  1. Log into the app.
  2. Click or tap on ‘More’.
  3. Select ‘Cards’.
  4. Choose your relevant card.


This will display a list of various transaction categories, including cash withdrawals and gambling, and you’ll be able to switch off (or on) your access to the relevant transaction categories that you choose.

Late Payment Fees

No matter the industry or circumstance, none of us particularly enjoys paying late fees.

In the world of credit cards, different credit card providers have different criteria for late payment fees.

Ours work like this:

A late payment fee will apply if you haven’t made the minimum repayment as stated on your statement of account by the due date.

Importantly, the best way to avoid late payment fees on your credit card is to set up a regular monthly payment for at least the minimum amount by the due date. You should make sure that the account from which the payment will be taken has enough money in it to cover the payment, otherwise a dishonour fee may also apply.

You should contact us if you are experiencing financial difficulty and can’t afford to make the minimum repayment on your credit card.

Find out more about regular payments or financial difficulty assistance.

International Transaction Fees

If you’ve ever been surprised by seeing an ‘international transaction fee’ on your credit card statement, you certainly wouldn’t be the first.

An international transaction fee is charged for each transaction in a currency other than Australian dollars (AUD), or where the transaction is in Australian dollars (AUD) but the merchant or the person processing the transaction is outside of Australia.

For example, if you’re overseas, and you make a purchase on your credit card an international transaction fee will apply.

However, you don’t have to be in another country when you make the purchase to attract the fee. If you purchase goods online from an overseas retailer while you’re in Australia, you’ll also be charged an international transaction fee.

Sometimes when purchases are made online, it might not be clear that the retailer is based overseas.

If you want to avoid any international transaction fee when you’re shopping online, it’s worthwhile making sure that you’re browsing a site based in Australia and you are being charged in Australian dollars (AUD).

Balance Transfer Fee

A balance transfer is a way to consolidate your credit card debt. If your Bendigo Bank credit card allows you to make a balance transfer, you can transfer all or part of a credit card balance from another bank to your Bendigo Bank credit card.

We may charge a balance transfer fee for this service. It’s important to read your credit card schedule and terms and conditions to understand if a balance transfer is available for your Bendigo Bank credit card and, if it is, the fee that will apply, before requesting a balance transfer.

International ATM Fees

An international ATM fee is applicable when you make a cash withdrawal or account inquiry outside of Australia at a non-Bendigo Bank ATM. This fee is in addition to the cash advance fee and cash advance rate that apply to any cash advance (see Cash Advance Fee and Interest, above).

Replacement card fee

Misplaced or lost your card? Don’t worry, we’re here to help and we can get you a replacement card by standard post.

You should immediately tell us if you know or suspect that your card is lost or stolen. Failure or delay in notifying us may result in you being liable for losses.

You can cancel and replace your card via Bendigo e-banking or the Bendigo Bank app or by notifying us. Our helpful team are here for you 24/7 if you need to speak with us, or have any questions.



1800 035 383


Contact your nearest Bendigo Bank branch.



+61 3 5485 7872 (24 hours x 7 days)

Why not take this opportunity to load an eligible Bendigo Bank card to your device and make mobile payments on the go!

Non-Bendigo Bank ATM Fees

We will not charge you a fee for using a Bendigo Bank ATM. You may be charged fees by ATM operators if you use a non-Bendigo Bank ATM.

Whoever owns the ATM will directly charge you this fee. In Australia you’ll see the amount of the fee onscreen and have the option to cancel your transaction before paying the fee.

To avoid ATM fees you can download the Bendigo Bank app and use it to locate Bendigo Bank ATMs.

Regardless of which ATM you use, if you withdraw cash from your credit card account the cash advance fee and cash advance rate will apply (see Cash Advance Fee and Interest, above).

Things you should know

Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply. All information is correct as at 1 August 2022 and is subject to change. Full details available on application. Credit criteria apply. Credit provided by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited ABN 11 068 049 178 Australian Credit Licence 237879.

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