Business Credit Mastercard 336x208

Business Credit Mastercard

Designed for business

Combines the global acceptance and emergency features of Mastercard with the flexible management and financial control options to suit your business needs.


Key features of the Business Credit Mastercard

  1. Variable interest rate 13.99% p.a.

  2. $4 fee debited to account monthly

  3. Minimum payment of 3.00% per month*

  4. Set individual spending limits for each cardholder

  5. Optional ATM access to nominated cardholders

  6. Personalise cards with your business name^

  7. Flexible billing structure with a choice of who pays, when, and how much

  8. Single monthly statement including itemised addendum for each cardholder

More benefits

  • Pay suppliers online using Bendigo e-banking

  • Upload transactions to accounting software such as MYOB

  • Global acceptance at merchants and ATMs

  • Our Protect+Pay app provides additional security for your cards

Flexible Liability Arrangements

The Business Credit Mastercard provides flexibility for the business to choose the liability option for credit card debt.

Company liability

For company structures only

  • This options suits any company whose employees use a credit card for business expenses
  • Cardholders can have individual credit limits
  • The company is assessed for the credit facility and accepts liability for all transactions conducted on all cards held by cardholders nominated by the company. The company is responsible for the debt and for the repayments on the card each month

Individual liability

Suits employees of a business or sole traders

  • The individual may be an employee of the business or a sole trader operating the business. The name of the business can be embossed on the card, provided the business supplies written authorisation on the business letterhead
  • Under the individual liability option, the individual is assessed for the amount of credit required. The individual accepts liability for all transactions conducted on their card and on any cards issued to additional cardholders
  • The individual is responsible for the credit card debt and for making repayments on the card each month

Joint & several liability

For partnerships only

  • This options suits a partnership when the partners want to use a credit card for business expenses
  • Under this option, all partners accept joint and several liability for all transactions carried out by all parties on any Bendigo Business credit card issued to members of the partnership
  • A specific credit limit can be assigned to each cardholder. The individual account holders are each liable for the debts on all accounts and the partners are responsible for making the repayments on the card

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Additonal information

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*Minimum payment is 3.00% of statement closing balance or $10, whichever is the greater

^Images are subject to Image Guidelines.