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Backed by Australia's fifth biggest retail bank, Clifton Hill/North Fitzroy Community Bank® Branch not only gives you access to award-winning financial products and services, we're also committed to returning profits to our local communities.


101-103 Queens Parade Clifton Hill VIC 3068

Operating Hours:

Mon-Fri 09:30-14:30

BSB: 633-000
Branch manager:

Jodie Draffin

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ATM (can change PIN)
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Yes, we’re open. But where possible use an ATM, e-banking, or the Bendigo Bank app to do your banking. If you’d like to talk with us make an enquiry or call us on the number above.

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Do good. Do more. And do well.

Find out how Clifton Hill/North Fitzroy Community Bank® Branch can help you pick the right solutions for your banking needs.

$229 million reinvested nationally

Our network is committed to returning profits to local communities. That's why we're Australia's #1 'community' bank. And we're playing our part.

Australia's leading scholarship program

Congratulations to our 2019 scholarship recipients. You are our leaders of the future and we're proud to support you on your journey.

Our stories

Keep up-to-date with what's happening in our community and visit our Facebook page.

Sponsorships & Grants

Sponsorships and Grants

We're committed to supporting local communities

Yes, it's time to feel good about who you bank with. Our Community Bank branches give up to 80% of profits back to the community. We aim to develop long-term prosperity by supporting programs that help empower local individuals and groups within the local community.

Clifton Hill Community Bank Branch mascot a big yellow pig standing at the boundary line of a local sports ground with a 'proudly supported by Clifton Hill Community Bank Branch' banner.
Community Partnership Program

Our Community Partnership Program aims to:

  • Develop reciprocal partnerships between the Community Bank - Clifton Hill / North Fitzroy and the broader community so that everyone benefits
  • Enhance social capital and community capacity
  • Establish strong community networks and a culture of mutual support within a healthy and vibrant local community
  • Promote the Community Bank as the centre of a dynamic, progressive and prosperous community unique to the inner north of Melbourne.

We have two formal programs per year - Spring and Autumn. For more information or to be included in the Partnership Program mailing list, please email Lee (Community Liaison Officer) at

Investors & Shareholders

Investor & Shareholder

Shareholders- Contact Us
Company Details:

Clifroy Limited
ABN 31 114 604 358
101 Queens Parade
Clifton Hill VIC 3068

Postal Address:
PO Box 91, Clifton Hill VIC 3068

Secretary Details:

Adrian Nelson
101 Queens Parade
Clifton Hill VIC 3068
Ph: (03) 9482 9040

Share Registry:
Level 12, 225 George St

Postal Address:
GPO Box 3993
Sydney NSW 2000

Trading Shares (LVM)

Trading Shares (LVM)
Clifroy Limited

Clifton Hill/North Fitzroy Community Bank® Branch is operated by Clifroy Limited . Clifroy Limited also operates a Special Market called a Low Volume Market (LVM), to facilitate the trading of its shares. The conditions of this market are set out on the Trading Shares (LVM) information page.

View Trading Shares (LVM) information page.

View the trade history

View the register of interested parties

Register your interest for buying and selling shares

Update or remove previously registered interest

Visiting our branch? You may be asked to briefly remove your face covering for I.D. purposes. 

Our depositors are protected under the Australian Government’s Financial Claims Scheme (FCS) which provides protection and quick access to deposits made with a bank, building society or credit union in the unlikely event that one of these institutions fails. Find out more here.

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Our Group Whistleblower Policy and individual Community Bank company Whistleblower Policies define what type of conduct can be reported. All whistleblower reports made under this policy will be treated seriously and we will investigate them carefully.

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