Personal account interest rates

Deposit Rates Effective: 15-May-15

Savings account interest rates

Product Tier Interest Rates
Bendigo EasySaver Account
  $0 plus 1.75% pa
Bendigo CommunitySaver Account
  $0 plus 1.75% pa
Bendigo PiggySaver Account
  $0 plus 1.75% pa

Christmas Club account interest rates

Product Tier Interest Rates
Bendigo Christmas Club Account
  $0 plus 0.70% pa

Transaction account interest rates

Product Tier Interest Rates
Bendigo Ultimate Account
   $0 plus 0.00% pa
Bendigo Student Account
  $0 < $250 0.05% pa
  $250 < $2,000 0.20% pa
  $2,000 < $5,000 0.60% pa
  $5,000 plus 1.00% pa
Bendigo Shareholder Account
  $0 plus 0.30% pa
Bendigo Mortgage Saver Account
  Not applicable Not applicable
Product Stepped Interest Rates
Bendigo Retirement Account
For part of the balance between $0 - $47,999.99 1.75% pa
For part of the balance above $48,000 3.25% pa

Overdrawn account interest rates

Product Tier Interest Rates
Passbook Accounts and Bendigo EasySaver Account.
  Overdrawn Account Rate

15.01% pa

Bendigo Ultimate Account, Bendigo Retirement Account, Bendigo Mortgage Saver Account, Bendigo Shareholder Account, Bendigo PiggySaver Account, Bendigo Student Account and Bendigo CommunitySaver Account.
  Standard Overdraft Rate 12.26% pa
  Overlimit Rate* 6.00% pa

Bendigo Mortgage Saver accounts - discounted offset rates

The following interest rates are those used to calculate the discounted interest on loan accounts that are linked to a Bendigo Mortgage Saver Account. For more information refer to clause 5.7 to 5.15 of the Bendigo Personal Accounts and Facilities Terms and Conditions.

Product   Interest Rates
  Full Offset^ 0.00% pa
  Partial Offset 4.15% pa

* The overlimit rate applies in addition to your overdrawn account rate if you exceed an approved overdraft limit.

^ Not available on fixed rate loans. The partial offset rate can be applied during the fixed rate period.

All rates subject to change.

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