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Share trading

Bendigo Invest Direct is our easy to use, affordable, online share trading platform.

Why trade with Bendigo Invest Direct?


Simple to use online trading platform offering access to both domestic and international markets.


Choose from a wide range of options and features that best suit your trading needs and budget.

Trusted & secure

Backed by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank - committed to helping customers and communities achieve success for more than 150 years.

Learn about Bendigo Invest Direct


Trading with confidence

Bendigo Invest Direct is all about confidence, providing all the leading stock market research, sophisticated analytics tools, speed and access you need to identify opportunities and execute trades.

Access powerful stock trading tools, stock market research and analysis that will help you make better informed investment decisions.

Receive free comprehensive tax and portfolio tracking and reporting from Sharesight™.

Trades executed through BID flow instantly into Sharesight™ automatically incorporating corporate actions such as share splits and dividends.

BID enables you to diversify your portfolio and capitalise on investment opportunities from around the world with direct access to international markets from the same account.

With live streaming data for US exchanges and the latest breaking financial news from around the globe, you will have the ability to monitor markets and act quickly all from the one place.

To find out more about International trading, click on the FAQs tab.

BID provides you with access to all the tools to create and execute your options strategies to help protect, grow and diversify your portfolio.

Improve your risk management by creating sophisticated entry and exit strategies for every trade with linked orders at no additional cost.

ASX mFunds are fully integrated with the BID platform and a new way to access unlisted managed funds. Using your BID account, you can buy, hold and sell units in unlisted managed funds through a process similar to that of buying and selling shares.

Quicker than a phone call and more convenient than an email, have your queries answered in real-time by one of our client service representatives.

Monday - Friday 7.00am - 6.00pm (Sydney time).

With BID you can trade and manage your investments anywhere, anytime from any device.

Built for the investor on the go, BID offers:

  • Instant access to your stockbroking account to view and manage orders
  • Advanced order ticket with market limit good till cancelled and conditional order types
  • Quick access to watch lists, market news, research and pricing
  • Support for both cash and margin loan funded accounts

Frequent Trader program

The Frequent Trader program provides you with different options and features so that you can decide the best fit for your needs and budget. Each level provides you with complimentary access to different features and tools based on the volume of trading activity.

Trading with purpose

Our customers are helping change lives and save lives simply by trading with us. When you apply for a Bendigo Invest Direct account, enter a Community Bank® branch of your choice and you will be contributing to your local community with every trade.

Older lady enjoying a community workshop.

Frequent Trader program

What level of trader are you?

The Frequent Trader program provides you with different options and features so that you can decide the best fit for your needs and budget.

Frequent Trader program FAQs

Each time you qualify for a new level for the first time, you will receive an alert on the BID platform and an email.

Every other time you change levels, you will only receive an email.

If you qualify for the Premium or Platinum level – a badge will appear beside your account. Black indicates Platinum and red indicates Premium.

Going on holiday or taking a break from trading? No problem, give us a call on 1300 788 982 and we will arrange for your current account package to be maintained.*

*Subject to fair use.

You will qualify for the benefits based on the levels in which your trading accounts fall. Your highest levelled trading account (classic, premium, platinum) will determine the benefits to which you are entitled. Some benefits will require you to opt-in.

For Sharesight™, you will need to opt-in to create a Sharesight™ portfolio. You can do so via the Tax and Portfolio reporting page on the platform.

For live or dynamic market data, you’ll need to opt-in by subscribing to a market data package via the full site. To do this, hover over the settings cogwheel in the top left hand corner of your screen, click on “Market Data” and follow the prompts.

All invoicing for data is done in arrears, so in months where you qualify for free data, you will not be charged.

If you have an account which is trading 10 or more times per month, you are entitled to benefits other than free market data.

Trade 35 or more times per month (on one account) to gain complimentary access to a package from Sharesight™, our tax and portfolio reporting partner, for up to 3 portfolios. You’ll also be entitled to research reports from theScreener.

Some benefits require you to opt-in, see below for more information.

Free data is available when you exceed trade levels.

If you place 10 or more trades in a month and subscribe to a live data package, we will not charge you. If you subscribe to a delayed data package, it will always be free with live prices available on the order ticket where you really need them.

No, each account will be classified by its own trading activity.

No, excess trades will not roll over to the following month.

Yes, if you generate at least $200 in brokerage you will be eligible for the Premium level. If you generate at least $600 in brokerage you will be eligible for the Platinum level.

Brokerage rates

Rates and fees

A Bendigo Invest Direct trading account is free to open with no monthly maintenance fees.


Build and grow your investments by accessing all exchange traded securities on the ASX.

$19.95 per trade
$69.95 per trade
0.11% where the value of shares > $22,000 0.40% where the value of shares >$22,000

* Classic and Premium. Platinum level brokerage is $17.95 per trade - up to $22k.


Diversify your portfolio and capitalise on investment opportunities from around the world with direct access to international markets.

Brokerage (US/Canada)
$29.95 per trade
(up to $5,000)
Brokerage (US/Canada)
$52.95 per trade
(up to $5,000)
$39.95 per trade
($5,001 - $10,000)
$62.95 per trade
($5,001 - $10,000)
0.41% where value of shares >$10,000 0.41% + $23.00 where value of shares >$10,000
Brokerage (Other markets)
$69.00 per trade
Brokerage (Other markets)
$92.00 per trade
0.69% where the value of shares >$10,000 0.69% + $23.00 where value of shares >$10,000

Exchange traded options

Protect, grow and diversify your portfolio with access to all the tools to create and execute your options strategies.

$32.95 per trade
0.32% for all share values

^ Brokerage is the greater of the $ value or the % shown.


You can buy, hold and sell units in mFunds (unlisted managed funds) through a process similar to that of buying and selling shares.

$40.00 per trade
0.20% for all share values

^ Brokerage is the greater of the $ value or the % shown.


Update your trading experience with these add on data options.

Funding your trades

How do you want to trade?

A Bendigo Invest Direct trading account is free to open with a simple online application process and fast verification. You can either purchase shares using your own funds or using a margin loan.


Trade with your own cash

Settle your trades, hold funds deposited from dividends, and potentially earn interest using our Bendigo Cash Settlement Account.

  • Opened on your behalf once a Bendigo Invest Direct trading account is established.
  • Account balance displayed on the platform in real time.
  • No monthly account service fee or transaction fees.
  • Earn interest on your account between investments (interest is calculated daily and paid monthly).
Under $20,000 0.00%
$20,000 - $49,999 0.05% 
$50,000 - $99,999 0.10%
$100,000 +  0.15%


Young man in his home office happy he can fund his online stock market trading using his own cash.

Trade with borrowed funds

A margin loan can be used to unlock equity in your portfolio to further grow and diversify your investments.

  • A margin loan gives you access to more funds to trade, gain additional exposure to dividends, franking credits and potentially accelerate investment returns in a tax effective way.
  • Trade with an existing margin loan or open a margin loan with Leveraged - the bank's specialist margin loan provider.
  • A Leveraged margin loan is fully integrated with BID, so you can view loan details and trade seamlessly on the one platform.

To find out how you can borrow to invest, call Leveraged on 1300 307 807 or visit Leveraged.

Couple in their 30's happy they can boost their stock market investments by borrowing to invest through a margin loan.


Bendigo Invest Direct FAQs

You can open an account by simply completing our online application form. Most applicants can be identified online and will not need to send in any paperwork.

Please note: we can only accept applications from clients permanently residing in Australia.

When we’ve confirmed your ID, or you are electronically identified, we’ll process your application and open your account. This process is usually completed with 2-4 days. You can then begin trading online and over the phone immediately (you’ll need funds and/or shares in your account to place orders).

Please note: The BID Cash Settlement Account balance is reported in real-time, while share transfers take longer to process.

Australian Shares Buy part ownership of a listed company on the ASX.
International Shares You can further diversify your portfolio and access a growing number of international markets with your BID account.
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) A simple way to buy a diversified portfolio of investments, offering all the benefits of index funds and the flexibility to buy and sell on the ASX.
Options Flexible tools that appeal to active investors. Used wisely, options have the power to protect, grow or even diversify your position.
Warrants An alternative way to gain exposure to some of Australia's leading companies and a variety of other underlying assets.
mFunds A cost-effective way to invest in unlisted managed funds through the mFund Settlement Service brought to you by the ASX, via our online platform.
Interest rate securities and bonds Investing in bonds and interest rate securities allows you to diversify your portfolio and lend money to the issuer. This loan is paid on a fixed or floating rate of return.
Listed Investment Companies (LICs) Similar to managed funds and ETFs, LICs invest in a diverse and professionally managed portfolio of Australian and international assets.

Online orders
You need to have enough funds in your BID Cash Settlement Account. You can also trade online using a margin loan.

Telephone orders
Please discuss payment with the dealer taking your order.

You can use a margin loan from any margin lending provider. If your margin loan is with Leveraged, you can enjoy a seamless fully integrated trading experience on the BID platform.

For more information about Leveraged click here.

To link your existing margin loan account to your Bendigo Invest Direct account click here.

Online brokerage starts from $19.95. Telephone orders start from $69.95 for share trade value up to $22,000.

Frequent Traders can enjoy complimentary access to different features and tools.

If you are a Bendigo & Adelaide Bank Shareholder, you can enjoy discounted brokerage as part of the shareholder privileges programme.

To transfer holdings held with another broker, please complete the Transfer CHESS Holdings form.

If you want to transfer holdings held with the Issuer, please complete the Issuer to Chess transfer form.

Bendigo Invest Direct offers a one-off sale at a competitive rate for shareholders without opening a stockbroking account. Please complete the one-off sale form.

We will send the sale proceeds to you after the two-day settlement period (T+2).

Yes, Bendigo Invest Direct provides access to all the tools to create and execute your options strategies.

Bendigo Invest Direct documents and forms you can download:

  • Disclosure documents
  • Account applications forms
  • Margin lending account application forms
  • Warrants and options
  • One off sales and partly paid securities
  • Administration forms
  • CHESS forms

Can't find what you're looking for?

International trading FAQs

All new and existing BID accounts with a linked cash account have this feature enabled.

Please note: this feature is not available to phone only or margin lending accounts.

Yes, to accommodate international trading we have made some changes to the way you navigate the platform and to some of the platform features:

  • A new drop-down menu in the top right-hand side of the homepage lists available country views. After you select a country, it will show stock information relevant to that market
  • A new ‘Products’ menu replaces the previous ‘Markets’ menu
  • A new intuitive search feature enables you to:
    • filter queries by keywords, code, company name and much more
    • create and save queries for future use
  • The ability to add domestic and international stocks to the same watchlists
  • The ability to view the FX rate and FX buffer from a Buy ticket when you purchase a foreign stock.

Please note: this feature is not available to phone only or margin lending accounts.


Placing an international shares order is much like placing one for domestic shares.

Simply open an order ticket in the usual way, enter the stock code, select either Buy or Sell and fill in the required information as you would for domestic stocks.

For further assistance you can contact our Client Services support team online with live chat.

Our international shares offering gives you access to trade on major exchanges in four different countries, including the USA, Canada, Switzerland and Hong Kong.

No, international shares are available and automatically enabled for all new and existing BID accounts with a linked cash account. Simply log in to the platform and search for an international stock.

The W-8BEN form is a legal document applicable to non-US residents who invest in US shares. It is required by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) in order to declare your tax status. 

If you do not complete the form, you may be subject to the US Treasury withholding tax on US investments held on your share trading account.

The W-8BEN allows foreign investors to claim special tax treaty benefits, including a reduced rate of withholding tax.

The BID platform offers an integrated online solution provided by Thomson Reuters that enables eligible account holders to complete and lodge a W-8BEN form.

Yes, BID provides four different forms through our online solution.

Depending on your account type and your responses to initial questions, Thomson Reuters will automatically select the appropriate form:

  • W-8BEN – to be completed by individuals.  A separate form is required for each account owner in the case of joint accounts
  • W-8BEN-E – to be completed by a company,  complex trusts (e.g. superfund accounts) where the recipient entity is the beneficial owner of the dividend
  • W-8IMY – to be completed by entities where investment income is received in an intermediary capacity and is subsequently distributed to beneficiaries (e.g. Discretionary trusts)  
  • W-9 – to be completed by US Persons.

All international share orders placed on our stockbroking platform are executed by Morgan Stanley.

International securities are held on behalf by BID appointed sub-custodians detailed in the table below.

Local Jurisdiction Specified Sub-Custodian
USA BNP Paribas, New York
Canada RBC Investor Services, Toronto
Switzerland BNP Paribas Securities Services, Zurich
Hong Kong SAR BNP Paribas Securities Services, Hong Kong

A custody fee is for:

  • Holding your international shares and maintaining a consolidated international portfolio on your behalf; and
  • Issuing distributions that result from mandatory corporate action events for your shares (such as dividends and bonus issues); and
  • Providing statements that reflect these events.

A fee of 0.50% p.a. is applied monthly based on your foreign asset holdings value excluding cash.

The minimum number of shares per order can vary across different markets. If an order is unacceptable to the relevant exchange, you will be notified on the order ticket of the changes you need to make to process the order.

The minimum transfer amount for international shares is AU$10,000.

If you currently hold international shares with another broker, we can transfer those shares to your BID account if the value of the shares are over AU$10,000.

All share certificates will need to be dematerialised (where physical records are replaced with a paperless computerised system) prior to being transferred in.

We cannot accept share certificates.

Buy orders will also incur an additional 2% buffer* from the time of order placement as a protection against currency movements. Any excess buffer will be unlocked on order execution.

This ensures that you will have sufficient funds in your account to cover any foreign exchange fluctuations from the time your order is placed to when it is filled in the market.

Please note: we will only debit the final foreign exchange amount from your account once the order has filled in the market.

*The FX buffer currently applied to international share orders is 2% of the trade value and is subject to change.

Online orders Phone orders
USA/Canada USA/Canada
$29.95 per trade
Up to $5,000

$39.95 per trade
$5,001 - $10,000

0.41% >$10,000 
$52.95 per trade
Up to $5,000 

$62.95 per trade
$5,001 - $10,000

0.41% + $23.00 >$10,000
Other markets Other markets
$69.00 per trade
0.69% >$10,000 
$92.00 per trade
0.41% + $23.00 >$10,000

The exchange rate for international transactions is calculated at the time of execution and is based on the best available bid/offer exchange rates, plus a spread of just 0.60%.

International trading appendix

Country Transaction Tax Stamp Duty Trading fee Clearing Fee GST
USA - - - - -
Hong Kong 0.0027% 0.10% 0.005% - -
Canada - - 0.15% - -
Switzerland - - - - -
Service Fees & Charges (incl. GST)
Electronic transfer (in) $20 per holding
Physical transfer (in) $50 per holding
Transfer (out) $100 per holding
Custody fee 0.50% p.a. minimum $10
Currency conversion Displayed on platform
FX spread Up to 0.60%
FX buffer on buy orders 2% or as displayed on the platform
Account documentation fee (applied to relevant accounts that have not supplied a W-8 or W-9 form) $50
US Markets SEC fee 0.00231% on sell orders
Stamp Duty Displayed on the platform if applicable
Exchange Code Local time at exchange
Hong Kong Stock Exchange HKEX 12.00 - 13.00
Singapore Exchange SGX 12.00 - 13.00
Tokyo Stock Exchange TSE 11.30 - 12.30

Can't find what you're looking for?

Education tools

Learning modules

Learn how to navigate the platform and expand your trading and market knowledge with our Investing IQ educational modules. This free program is designed to help you master the fundamentals and build your market knowledge and trading confidence.

Introduction to investing
Creating your strategy
Fundamental analysis
Technical analysis
Using derivatives
Advanced strategies


Learn how to use the Bendigo Invest Direct platform with these quick learn video tutorials.

See how the platform works
See how the platform works
Place a trade
Place a trade
theScreener analysis & reporting
theScreener analysis & reporting
Create a watchlist
Create a watchlist
Set up alerts
Set up alerts

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A BID trading account is free to open with no monthly maintenance fees. Sign up in minutes with a simple online application process and fast verification.

Dedicated customer support

We are here to help, so if you would like to get in touch, please contact our dedicated support team via the contact options below.
We operate Monday to Friday, 7.30am - 5.30pm Sydney time (excl. public holidays).

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Gearing involves risk. It can magnify your returns, however it may also magnify your losses. Issued by Leveraged Equities Limited (ABN 26 051 629 282 AFSL 360118) as Lender and as a subsidiary of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited (ABN 11 068 049 178 AFSL 237879). This contains general advice only and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Please consider your personal circumstances, consult a professional investment provider and read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Product Guide before making an investment decision. To obtain a copy of the PDS and relevant information please call 1300 307 807, visit or contact your financial adviser.

Bendigo Invest Direct

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