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Community Bank Robe & Districts not only gives you access to award-winning financial products and services, we're also committed to returning profits to our local communities.


9 Victoria Street Robe SA 5276

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Mon-Fri 09:30-17:00

BSB: 633-000
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Tracey Bainger

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Robe & Districts Community Bank Board at the 2020 AGM
AGM 2020

The Community Bank Robe & Districts AGM was held recently, bringing together our Board, staff and sponsorship recipients. 

Robbie Chappel acting branch manager
Changing the baton

Community Bank Robe & Districts staff are getting excited about a major change within the branch.

With Branch Manager Tracey Bainger going on maternity leave there will be a shuffle of staff positions in the branch. This will see Robbie Chappel move into the Acting Branch Manager position.

Branch manager standing with local high school students with their human powered vehicle sponsored by Robe Community Bank Branch.
Our stories

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Sponsorships & Grants

Sponsorships and Grants

Over $350K given back to community…

Life should be all about celebrating milestones. And it is no different for us at Community Bank Robe & Districts.

Our journey began in Robe almost 20 years ago, when there suddenly became only one bank on offer to it’s residents, and there grew the flame of passion for the small town to embrace the model of a Community Bank Branch.

Community Bank Robe & Districts branch was officially opened on the 24 October 2003 and this year in 2019 we will be breaking out the bubbles to celebrate our 16th birthday. 

The Community Bank model is brilliantly simple. Our customers choose to bank with us, and we are committed to returning 80% of our bank profits back to those communities, and 20% of our bank profits to our shareholders. This may be for your local sporting or social club, a community event or group infrastructure. We have even been on the lookout for BIG projects within our banking region to benefit from the sponsorship pool.

Another milestone moment...

We have recorded the highest sponsorship contribution in 2018/2019 – wait for it – over $80,000. And this just wouldn’t happen without the customers that choose to bank with us.

And finally...

We are closing in on our BIGGEST milestone so far. On the wall of our Robe, Kingston and Lucindale locations, we will soon have a Sponsorship Board, so you can see the level of sponsorship that the Robe & District Community Bank Branch has reached. We now sit at the incredible level of $340,000 and look forward to reaching the BIG milestone of $350,000.

So what does your Community Bank mean to you? A warm smile. A genuine handshake. Banking made easy.

We are here to help you and look forward to investing in our communities to grow.

Kids on the beach in front of sailing boats funded by Robe and District Community Bank Branch.
Restoring the Old Police Stables in Robe

The Community Bank Robe & Districts Board receive applications for sponsorship on a monthly basis, and more often than not, they come from sporting and social clubs, or for assistance with community events.

But a recent application came from the Robe Branch of the National Trust of SA, to assist with the restoration of one of our quite interesting heritage buildings - The Police Stables on Frome Street in the town's historical conservation zone.

The project came about following the recent handover of the Police Stables and land to the local National Trust branch from the South Australian government. They were granted the building and a small amount of land surrounding the old stables.

The stables were in use by troopers from when the building was completed in 1864. Steeped in history this building is quite unique, but after liaising with an experienced stonemason and a heritage architect, it was recognised that the structure had been "fixed" over the years with the wrong mortar and the parapets at the top were in terrible condition and water has been getting in and damaging the building.

The National Trust of SA Robe Branch applied for sponsorship funds to assist with the Stage 1 renovations. They believe that the Old Police Stables lends itself to a space for both locals and visitors, and ideas have included pop-up museums, artists-in-residence, storytelling of the building and history of Robe, and exhibitions, with the focus on this space being for community, school group, and tourism purposes.

The Community Bank Board have granted $5000 to assist the local group with their renovations, this sponsorship deal coming under the Heritage and Infrastructure banner.

Chairperson Jill Davidson and Treasurer Valerie Monaghan were excited to receive the good news at the Community Bank Robe & Districts AGM and look forward to collaborating with the Community Bank by promoting the new partnership.

The National Trust Branch were instrumental in the restoration of the Customs House on the Royal Circus and its conversion to a museum, and in subsequent years carrying out an extensive redesigning of the museum. They had a "scanfest" where locals were asked to bring their old history photos in to be scanned. These have been put to music and are in constant display in the Customs House.

The local group are probably also best known for their Blue Plaque project on the old buildings in Robe, which was accompanied by a small book. The group are keen to extend this project and add an app and have an internet presence in the future.

Some of their other projects over the years include the CSIRO Station field display on the Nora Creina Road which highlights the regions deficiency in cobalt and the "Coastal Disease" experienced by early settlers with its devastating effect on their livestock, instigating a recent heritage conference in conjunction with the DC of Robe, and contributing $4500 to engage a landscape architect to prepare a draft Cemetery Action Plan from which the DC of Robe have adopted the principles.

Heritage SA were also generous contributors to the Police Stables restoration project, allocating $10,000 via the SA Heritage Grants Program.

Over $375,000 of sponsorship monies have now been allocated to events, clubs and projects within the Robe, Kingston and Lucindale communities by the Community Bank Robe & Districts. This input into community has only been made possible by those who choose to do their banking with the Community Bank branch.

Photo of the old Police stables in Robe
Profits re-injected into local Medical Centre redevelopment

In 2018, Board members for the Community Bank Robe & Districts branch made the decision to donate $40,000 of their profits towards the Robe Medical Centre redevelopment. This news was announced to their local community and shareholders at the 2018 AGM, by the Chairman at the time, Mark Baker. 

Following the Board's decision, the Robe Medical Centre provided somewhat of a ‘Wish List’, which detailed items the Centre intended to put the funding towards. Items such as new furniture, cabinetry for medical supplies and consulting beds for the Centre’s additional treatment rooms were included on the list, along with one ‘big ticket’ item; a diagnostic ultrasound tool, specifically requested by the local Doctor. The ultrasound machine will provide a much needed service to the township of Robe and surrounding communities, as patients would previously be required to travel other towns to have access to this type of facility.

With the upgrade completed in December 2018, the Centre is now comprised of additional rooms for consulting and training, and now boasts modern medical facilities that will benefit the entire Robe community. The Centre’s entrance, administration and waiting areas also underwent a revamp. While the funding donated by the Community Bank Robe & Districts branch was by no means the only funding the Robe Medical Centre received, it provided a significant boost to degree of upgrade the Centre was able to achieve.

Investors & Shareholders

Investor & Shareholder

Our Board

Our Community Bank company is run by local volunteers who are committed to our local community.

Robe Community Company board members at the AGM

Our Branch Staff

Acting Branch Manager: Robbie Chappel

Assistant Branch Manager: Sharon Hondow

Customer Relationship Officer: Jack Sneath

Customer Service Officers:
Emma Brooks
Katie Agnew
Kelly Burton
Sophie Kokiousis

Community Bank Robe staff at the AGM

Community Bank Robe & Districts is proud to support our customers, our community and our shareholders. View key information for investors and download our financial reports.

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Robe Community Financial Services Limited
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Anne Matthews
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Robe SA 5276

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AFS & Associates Pty Ltd

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Trading Shares (LVM)
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