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Given the Foundation’s close relationship with the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group, individuals, community groups and charities who wish to raise funds can utilise the banking system as a means of collecting or making donations. With extensive access afforded through Bendigo Bank’s Australian wide network of over 500 branches, donors have a convenient and hassle-free way of contributing to your cause. Alternatively, they can donate online via our secure credit card payment system.

In addition, all receipting and administration is performed at the time of the donation, meaning the entire giving process is as streamlined as possible.

In this way the Foundation aims to make fundraising more efficient for good causes. Also, the Foundation seeks to make the act of giving easier and more accessible to donors.

The Foundation maintains a fundraising licence in all states which allows us to fundraise on behalf of beneficiaries that we partner with. We also take care of any additional registration requirements that may be necessary.

To find out if the Foundation might be able to help you in your fundraising venture please contact us on 1300 304 541 or by e-mail

A small management fee of 5% (Plus GST if applicable) of the value of the contribution made applies to all Foundation activities to help cover a portion of the costs incurred by the Foundation.

Australia's Community Heros Report - Community Enterprise Foundation™  

This year has seen the network showcase their capability to collaborate and partner for the greater good, as the meaning of community extends beyond more than just geographic borders.

Our commitment is to provide you with the expertise, tools and resources to respond to the current and future needs of your community.

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