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Using the Foundation for better grant-making

The primary advantage of using the Community Enterprise Foundation™ to administer grants is the ability to centralise the grant making process and gain access to a full-time professional grant-making team.

When a Community Grants Program is run by the Foundation, all the administrative and compliance work is done for you, meaning you can focus on community engagement and growing your business, while still making recommendations regarding the projects to be funded.

The Foundation team will arrange all aspects of the program, from working out a timeline, right through to providing approved template marketing materials, all the while providing professional advice and support throughout the entire process.

While the program is active, the Foundation staff are available to answer all queries from potential applicants and assist them if they have any issues with their application.

Specifically, the Foundation adds value to the Grants Program in the following ways:

  • The expertise the Foundation has in philanthropy ensures best practice in grant making.
  • Proper governance ensures all legal requirements are met and only eligible applicants and programs are funded.
  • Information on applying for grants and assistance to applicants is provided.
  • Consistency in the way that Grants Programs are administered is ensured.
  • All administrative tasks are managed in a streamlined manner utilising specialist systems and staff.
  • Transparency in how grants are made is an important focus.
  • Providing an arms length decision making and cross-checking structure for funding providers
  • All marketing materials are produced to comply with the strict rules and regulations that apply to advertising charitable grants programs.
  • The funds contributed to grant programs are invested with Sandhurst Trustees Limited, a professional funds management company with extensive industry experience.

A small management fee of 5% of the value of the contribution made applies to all Foundation activities to help cover a portion of the costs incurred by the Foundation.

For more information please contact Community Enterprise Foundation™ on 1300 304 541

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