Manage FX exposure

When overseas markets rise and fall, foreign exchange rates fluctuate. If you trade internationally, you know how important it is to protect your business from such exposure.

Spot Foreign Exchange

A foreign exchange SPOT deal is the simplest way to buy or sell foreign currency.

Our specialist dealers can provide you with foreign exchange conversion rates (in most currencies), for value SPOT (two clear business days). We can also provide quotes for same day (TOD) and value tomorrow (TOM) – cut off times apply to TOD deals.

Forward Exchange Contracts (FECs)

An FEC is an exchange of currency on a future date, at a rate agreed today.

Forward exchange contracts allow you to fix a foreign exchange rate for a future date. This enables you to manage foreign exchange exposures in major currencies for up to 3 years. FEC trading limits are subject to credit approval.

Foreign Currency Accounts

These deposit accounts are maintained in foreign currency and allow you to manage and control your international cash flow with ease, including:

  • sending and receiving payments in foreign currency;
  • make investments in foreign currency.

Foreign Currency Options

Provide the buyer of the option the right (but not the obligation) to buy or sell one currency amount at an agreed rate on a specified delivery date.

We offer foreign currency options to business customers for active hedging of foreign exchange risk for future obligations. Options are available for exposures equal to or in excess of AUD $50,000.