Batch processing

A simple and efficient payment solution for businesses that process a large volume of transactions such as those who process subscription payments, memberships or regular donations. Suitable for recurring or periodic payments which can be submitted as a single file using Bendigo Bank’s online payment gateway.

Key features

  • Ability to accept a wide range of cards, including credit and charge cards issued by Mastercard, Visa, EFTPOS, American Express and JCB
  • Ability to process large numbers of transactions at once, saving significant processing time
  • 7 day a week overnight settlement of funds to a Bendigo Bank account
  • Immediate online authorisation of transactions ensuring better and more predictable cash flows
  • Simple to use with minimal effort to implement
  • Access to online viewings of transaction records and processing of administrative functions such as voids and refunds – reduce time spend on processing and administrative tasks
  • Risk management capabilities minimise fraud without rejected genuine customers - Internal risk management capabilities including management of card BIN, IP country and IP range
  • Tokenization converts card data to a token without exposing customers’ card details
  • Ongoing specialist support

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