24/7 fraud monitoring

As soon as a suspect transaction is detected by Bendigo Protect, we will try to contact you to verify the transaction.

Liability protection

If a transaction is fraudulent, we’ll attempt to resolve the situation as soon as possible. We offer zero liability protection if you have practiced due diligence with your card and account.

Greater control

Protect+Pay is our app that provides additional security for your cards.  You can use the app to apply controls like temporarily blocking your card, or choosing when to allow certain transactions.

Shop safely online

We want you to feel as safe as possible when shopping online.

  1. Additional protection with Mastercard SecureCode™ and Verified by Visa.

  2. Shopping securely online made easier.

  3. Advice about fraud prevention, FAQs and more.

Do you have a transaction you don't recognise?

If you wish to dispute a transaction on your card, you should do this as soon as possible and in accordance with the timeline required for your card.

Disputing a transaction

  • Print and complete the Disputed Transaction Form.
  • Download, print or scan any documents and receipts.
  • Return the form and documents to us.
  • We will investigate and let you know once resolved.

Getting the form back to us

  • Hand it in at any branch.
  • Fax it to us on (03) 5485 7672.
  • Email it to the Card Disputes Team.
  • Mail it to Card Services, PO Box 480, Bendigo, VIC 3552, Australia.

Following some basic safety rules with your card can help keep you protected.

Your card

  • Sign your card as soon as you receive it.
  • Carry your card with you, or keep in a safe place.
  • Your card shouldn't be taken out of your sight when making a purchase.
  • If you are not using your card anymore or it has expired, destroy it immediately by cutting it in half diagonally.

Your PIN

  • Do not select a PIN that is easily identified with you (e.g. your date of birth, your post code, part of your phone number).
  • Protect your PIN and password by not telling anyone (even if they say they're calling from Bendigo Bank).
  • Don’t write your PIN down anywhere unless you disguise it very carefully.
  • Notify us immediately if your card or PIN has been lost, stolen or compromised.
  • At an ATM or EFTPOS device make sure no one is watching your PIN; if you see anything suspicious, don't use it.

Your transactions

  • Make online or telephone purchases only with reputable and well-known companies.
  • Keep receipts from internet transactions, check them against your statement, and report discrepancies.
  • Keep us up to date with your contact details so we can contact you quickly about any suspicious transactions.

Lost or stolen cards

Within Australia

In Australia advise your nearest Bendigo Bank branch

Call: 1300 236 344

Freecall: 1800 035 383.


Call: +61 3 5485 7872 (reverse charges)

Note: For emergency card or cash while overseas, select option 3

Brilliant Apps

Download Protect+Pay for extra card security.

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