Image guidelines

There are guidelines that you must adhere to when uploading your personalised card image.

Bendigo Bank will review and approve your image before you receive your card and will not accept images that contain any of the follow:

  • Company or business names, copyrighted material, trademarks, logos, including images displayed with, ©, ® or TM
  • Slogans, tag lines, branding or branded products and services, advertising or promotional material
  • Works of art
  • Public figures or personas, including sportspersons, celebrities, actors, actresses, musicians, cartoon characters, public figures, members of parliament and members of the Royal Family
  • Phone numbers, addresses, URL addresses, email addresses, social-media user names, account numbers or Personal Identification Numbers (PINs)
  • Offensive material including profanity, obscenity, violence, racism, bigotry, hatred or prejudice
  • Alcohol, tobacco, gambling, weapons and terrorism
  • Illegal or anti-social behaviour
  • Cultural insensitivity
  • Opinions, beliefs, statements or symbols relating to extreme political, religious, socially unacceptable or extreme groups; for example cults, gangs or supremacy organisations
  • Provocative or sexual material or content
  • Nudity or semi-nudity
  • Images that are not owned by you or in which someone else holds the copyright

Bendigo Bank reserves the right to vary this list at any time and may reject any image that you submit at our own discretion and for any reason.