Home loan products

We have a range of home loans designed to meet your needs and goals. Our offering is flexible, competitive and rewarding. Whatever is important to you – be it saving, investing, simplicity, sustainability or something else – we have a loan for you.

Our Connect Package offers our lowest interest rates when you combine your Bendigo home loan with eligible Bendigo products.

The package is already designed to save you interest. And when you connect your home loan with a range of eligible products, you could save 1% or more on your interest rate per annum.

Pick from our top-rated super, insurance, accounts, loans and financial-planning options, and save more than you might imagine.

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Our Basic Home Loan is a low-cost, easy-to-understand home loan with flexible terms for interest and repayments.

Choose from variable and fixed interest rates. And benefit from the option of online redraw – giving you access to payments you have made above the required amounts, at any time.

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Bendigo specialist loans are designed for situations where you need a loan that has been tailored to suit your needs – rather than a standard home loan.

  • Green Home Loan – Rewards you for purchasing, renovating or building sustainably, with discounts on interest rates for those who meet our green criteria.
  • Home Equity Loan – A line of credit with the ability to draw on available funds. Repay as much or as little as you like, as long as you keep the balance below your credit limit.
  • Low Doc Home Loan – Draw on your equity to purchase property, make other large purchases, or consolidate debt. Variable and interest-only rates available.