Phone banking

Bendigo Bank phone banking offers you safe and easy access to your accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 1300 236 344 (1300 BENDIGO) within Australia and pressing 1 for automated phone banking. The international number to call is +61 3 5445 0666.

Our automated telephone banking service gives you a range of options, including transferring funds or accessing account balances, through to paying bills or ordering a new cheque book.

Phone banking features

Quick balances

When you call Bendigo Bank phone banking, you will automatically hear the balances of up to two of your bank accounts. We can substitute other accounts if you wish, simply press 0 to speak with a Banking Consultant.

Account information (press 1)

Account balances

For your Bendigo Bank accounts held under your Primary Customer Number. We can also link another 2 different customer numbers which will give you access to other accounts you are authorised to transact on.

Transaction summary

Details of the past 10 transactions on your bank accounts are read to you.

You can also have a summary of your past 40 transactions faxed to you.

Funds transfer (press 2)

Transfer money between your Bendigo Bank accounts held under either your primary or linked customer numbers.

No transfers are allowed to or from Term Deposits, from Loan Accounts, or from accounts requiring more than one signature to authorise withdrawals.

Bill payments (press 3)

To make a bill payment to a new or existing Biller

To make a bill payment to a BPAY Biller, you can choose from one of the existing Billers on your Personal Biller list or add a new Biller and make a payment at the same time. You can have up to 999 Billers in your personal biller list and they are accessible via Bendigo Bank phone banking and Bendigo Bank e-banking.

To add to your personal biller list

You can add new billers to your personal biller list. A biller short code will be allocated for you to quickly identify the correct biller. You can print off this list if you are also registered for Bendigo Bank e-banking. Once your personal biller list has been established you can quickly make your payments.

To delete from your personal biller list

Simply select the Biller that is no longer required. This will help to keep your list tidy and reduce confusion.

Other services (press 4)

Order a statement

Order a duplicate copy of a previous statement. A fee applies for this service.

For Mortgage Loan accounts only the last statement issued can be re-ordered.

Order a cheque book

You can choose to collect it from your branch or have it mailed to you.

Note: Cheque accounts have an automatic trigger, which will re-order a cheque book after a specified number of cheques have been processed through your account.

Change your phone banking PIN number

Choose a new 5 digit PIN, to change your PIN at anytime.

Change your selected quick balance accounts

You can speak with one of our Banking Consultants to ensure the balances you receive when you first logon are the ones most important to you. Alternatively if you would rather hear the list of all your balances, from the account information section, you can request to have no accounts listed for the quick balance service.

Getting started

You will need:

1. A touch tone phone

Most phones now are this type. Some phones have a switch allowing you to choose between pulse and tone.

2. An access number

To receive your access number, please contact your Bendigo Bank branch or telephone on 1300 236 344 (1300 BENDIGO)* and press 0.

3. A PIN number

When you call phone banking for the first time, you will be asked to select your own five-digit PIN number. Your phone banking PIN number should be kept secret to ensure you are the only person who can access your accounts.

4. A quick reference card

To help familiarise yourself with the Bendigo Bank phone banking options, there is a handy quick reference card available which you can:

  1. Collect from one of our branches;
  2. Request for one to be sent to you by speaking with one of our consultants; or
  3. Click on one of the links below to print your own copy.

Phone banking quick reference card

Phone banking quick reference card for Rural Bank Customers

Now you're ready

Simply by calling 1300 236 344 (1300 BENDIGO)^ you can start banking by phone the EASY way.

^ For the cost of a local call. Charges from mobile phones will vary. From overseas call, +61 3 5445 0666 ; standard international call charges apply.

How to use phone banking

Call 1300 236 344 (1300 BENDIGO)
Press 1
Enter Access ID, #e
Enter PIN, #
Quick Balances Read
Press 1
Account Information
Press 1
Account Balances
Press 2
Transaction Summary
Press 2
Funds Transfer
Press 3
Bill Payments
Press 1
To make a Bill Payment to a new or existing biller
Press 2
To add to Personal Biller List
Press 3
To delete from Personal Biller List
Press 4
Other Services
Press 1
Order a Statement
Press 2
Order a Cheque Book
Press 3
Change your PIN number
Press 0
Change your selected Quick Balance Accounts

Telephone keypad layout

The following diagram shows the industry standard telephone keypad layout for IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems. The numbers 1 to 6 are used for standard Menu options and the numbers 7 to 0 and the * and # function keys are used for other control commands as described on the relevant keys.

This layout should be reflective of the common layout for all IVR systems regardless of the company you are calling.

1 2 3 Keypad Buttons in Row 1 & 2 (Numbers 1-6) are Menu Options
4 5 6
Main Menu Repeat Disconnect Keypad Buttons in Row 3 & 4 are Control Keys
Go Back Help/Operator Delimit/Skip