School banking

At Bendigo Bank, we're dedicated to helping our young people develop good financial habits. Specific programs for primary and secondary school students are available through our local branches. 

Primary school banking

Whether it's for the latest craze in computer games, for a new bike or just for a rainy day, we all know it's never too early for our kids to start learning about the benefits of budgeting and saving.

At Bendigo Bank, we've made primary school banking interesting, as well as educational, an ideal approach for kids just starting out on their learning journey.

A key plank of our primary school banking is the six-week 'Get with the Program' financial literacy initiative. Combining fun with new information and experiences, it was developed by our branch staff as part of their work with local communities, teachers and students.

It makes sense that a bank recognised for its commitment to customers and the communities in which it operates, is delivering an educational program and school banking structure that delivers ongoing results for students, teachers and the broader community.

You can contact your local Bendigo Bank branch for more information.

Helping senior students find their money mojo

Some people call it financial literacy, some call it money management. Others call it dollars and sense.

At Bendigo Bank, we know secondary students don't have a whole lot of cash to rub together, so it's all about teaching them to be smart with their money and how to express their individual money mojo.

Our 26 sure-fire ways to help senior students move their mojo, save cash and make their money go further can be found in one handy A to Z list. Plus our mojo quiz, fast facts and speed saving tips will help them spread their money mojo even further.

You can pick up a copy of "26 Things" at your nearest Bendigo Bank branch.

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