Flexible options

Products are issued by Sandhurst Trustees Limited

Having access to your money if you really need it can be important. With a range of different product features, why not take a look at two of our more flexible investment options?

Our Strategic Income Fund is designed to provide regular income and returns higher than traditional cash investments.

Our Cash Common Fund provides a functional 'at call', cash-style investment that displays capital stability and provides regular income with convenient access to your money.

    • Minimum initial investment $2,000
    • Quarterly distributions
    • Regular savings plan available
    • The units of the fund are rated 'A' by Australia Ratings

    This rating implies the Fund has a strong degree of protection against loss arising from credit risk. A rating is not a recommendation to invest, retain or redeem units in the Fund. The rating may be subject to change or withdrawal at any time. A copy of Australia Ratings Financial Services Guide can be found here.

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    • Invest in fixed interest and cash
    • Funds generally available at call
    • Minimum initial investment $1,000
    • Quarterly distributions

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