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Sandhurst Investment Term Fund

Product issued by Sandhurst Trustees Limited

Sandhurst Investment Term Fund aims to provide regular income and capital stability by investing in income-generating assets, including first registered mortgages and cash. You can choose from a range of investment terms – from 3 months to 5 years.



Certificate and annual investment statement

Minimum initial investment

$2,000 by cheque or direct credit only

Minimum holding


Minimum additional investment

  • Nil
  • Additional investments at renewal only

Income distributions

Income is calculated on your daily balance and paid at the end of each calendar month or calendar quarter (depending on your nominated distribution frequency), and on maturity or withdrawal of the investment.

Income payment options

Choose to have your distributions either:

  • automatically reinvested
  • paid to you by direct credit to your nominated account.

Investment term

Fixed investment terms between 3 months and 5 years.

E-banking and withdrawals

  • Bendigo e-banking available (view only access)
  • Withdrawals by cheque

Investments in this Fund are not deposits with the Bendigo Bank, or any other bank and are subject to normal investment risk including loss of some or all of the principal invested. Past performance is not an indication of future performance.  Withdrawal requests shall be satisfied as soon as practical (generally on the same day, but not more than 12 months). However, requests may be delayed or refused if it's in the best interests of investors as a whole to do so. Investors will only have limited rights to withdraw if the fund does not satisfy the liquidity test in the Corporations Act. There is also a risk that withdrawal proceeds will not be paid within a reasonable period after the initial investment term.