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International Payments 

Send and receive payments worldwide with Bendigo Bank.


Receive funds from all over the world

Transfers in most currencies can be received directly to your Bendigo Bank account.

Send funds to worldwide destinations

Quick and secure payments can be made through any Bendigo Bank branch or online using your Bendigo e-banking.

Secure payment options

Online payments are processed through the secure SWIFT global payment system.

Important updates for foreign cheque deposits

Due to evolving customer preferences, a global decline in the use of paper cheques and fewer in-person foreign cheque and bank draft payment requests, the Bank is making changes to the services we provide as follows:

New Accounts:

  • A foreign cheque deposit will not be accepted when opening a new account.
  • From 7th April 2023, we will no longer accept foreign cheque deposits or provide Bank Drafts in any currency.

Existing Accounts: 

  • From 30th June 2023, we will no longer accept foreign cheque deposits or provide Bank Drafts in any currency.

Should you have an ongoing need for funds to be received from or sent to outside of Australia please refer to Send and receive funds electronically.

Do you send or receive foreign currency payments?

Send and receive funds electronically

Sending Telegraphic Transfers

Making overseas payments is quick and secure using our Telegraphic Transfer service. Payments can be made:

  1. In any of our branches.
  2. Online through Bendigo e-banking.

Call us on 1300 236 344 today to have this set up on your account.

  • Available in 25 currencies worldwide.
  • You must be a Bendigo Bank account holder to use this service.
  • A $30 fee is charged for sending Telegraphic Transfers.
  • The beneficiary or intermediary banks may deduct fees from the payment, so the recipient may receive less than the amount sent.

To ensure your transfer is successful, you will need the following information:

  • Account name - name of the account you are sending the funds to.
  • Account number - account number of the person/company you are sending money to.
  • Beneficiary’s address - the recipient’s street address only (not PO Box).
  • Bank name - name of the recipient’s bank.
  • Bank address – street address of the bank.

Receiving Telegraphic Transfers

A Telegraphic Transfer is a simple and direct way to receive funds electronically in most currencies to your Bendigo Bank account.

You will need to provide the sender with the following information:

  • Your name and address.
  • Your Bendigo Bank account number.
  • Bendigo Bank BSB - 633000.
  • Bendigo Bank Swift Code - BENDAU3B

Please note:

  • The exchange rates apply for the day your funds are received by Bendigo Bank.
  • The remitting or any intermediary bank may deduct fees from the payment prior to us receiving the funds. This may reduce the amount you expect to receive.
  • A $2 fee is charged for payments received in Australian dollars.
  • A $10 fee is charged for payments received in a foreign currency.

Sending Bank Drafts

No rush? No worries.

An international Bank Draft is a cost effective way to send non-urgent payments overseas.

It allows you to forward funds to an overseas recipient in their own currency.

All you need to provide is the name of the party to receive the money and the branch can make out the draft on the spot for you to send.

Find a branch

Bank Drafts are:

Drawn at the time of request and available in 16 different currencies.

  • Acceptable in most countries.
  • Cleared faster than an Australian Dollar cheque banked overseas.
  • Available to Bendigo Bank account holders only from any of our branches.
  • Not available in Australian dollars and cannot be made out to cash.
  • $10 - this fee will be charged for the purchase of a Bank Draft ($5 for shareholders).
  • An extra $25 if a Stop Payment is placed on a Bank Draft.

Receiving foreign cheques

Depositing the cheque

Please note: not all foreign cheques presented can be accepted due to currency type or amount restrictions. Please refer to your local branch for more information.

The processing method for Foreign Cheques can vary for a number of reasons.

  • If the cheque can be accepted and processed as a Foreign Cheque a 28 day hold is required on the cheque for the overseas bank to clear it before funds are available.
  • If the cheque cannot be processed as a foreign cheque it may be processed as a collection item. It will be sent for collection and the funds will not be deposited to your Bendigo Bank account until we receive them from the overseas bank.

Your local branch will advise you of the processing method and holds applied when you present your cheque at your local branch.


  • A $10 fee is charged for processing each Foreign Cheque.
  • A fee of $40 applies to Foreign Cheques processed as collection items and is deducted from the funds received from the overseas bank prior to deposit in your account.

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