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Ways to bank with Bendigo

Be part of something bigger. 

See below for more information about our in-person, phone, online or on the go services.

Great reasons to choose us

One of Australia's most trusted brands^
Simple online banking with Bendigo e-banking
An extensive branch network Australia-wide
Servicing 1.9 million customers in over 500 locations Australia-wide
Safe and easy phone banking
Reinvesting back into Australian communities through our Community Bank branches

Do you still use cheques?

We can show you faster, safer, and better ways to manage your banking.

Online Banking

Internet banking service on mobile, tablet or desktop.

What you can do

Bendigo e-banking is safe, secure and easy to use. Whether you prefer to bank using our mobile app or a web browser, you can enjoy an internet banking experience that works anywhere and anytime, beautifully.

Benefits of online banking with Bendigo

  • A friendly and intuitive way to bank you’ll love to use
  • Personalise, show/hide, and re-order your accounts to suit you
  • Check your balances, identify merchants and view transactions instantly - you can even see your card purchases immediately!
  • Move money with ease - transfer between accounts, pay bills and pay your contacts in Australia or overseas
  • Schedule recurring payments into the future - never forget a bill again
  • Track all payments made to your payees just by clicking on their names
  • Activate new cards
  • Sign up for e-statements
  • Download your transactions in a range of accounting software-friendly formats


Set up Bendigo e-banking by calling us on 1300 236 344 or visiting a Bendigo Bank branch.

Use the Symantec VIP Access app on your mobile phone for added security for your e-banking.

The e-token app also allows you to maintain information like your email addresses and mobile phone numbers, and to access to services like PayAnyone and Telegraphic Transfers.

Find out more

  • Login quickly and securely using an optional four-digit PIN or TouchID / Fingerprint login
  • View your balances quickly from your app home screen
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Web messaging

Chat with us today

How it works

  • Click on the Messaging button below to start a conversation with one of our team*,
  • We can help you with general enquiries,
  • If you have a question about your banking we’ll ask you to verify your identity via Verified Messaging using your e-banking logon details,
  • If you don’t have e-banking you can register for e-banking today.
* Available Monday to Saturday - 9am to 5pm AEST/AEDT excluding national public holidays


Receive an email as soon as your statement is ready

Do away with paper statements. Switch to e-statements to receive an email as soon as your statement is ready to view in e-banking. e-statements are not only great news for the trees, they make accessing statements quick, easy and secure.

How it works

  • All customers can access statements within e-banking
  • Opt-out of receiving paper statements by providing an email address
  • You will receive an email when your statements are ready to view in e-banking
  • Statements are available for up to seven years, keeping everybody happy - even the taxman*
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An online version of your statement accessed via e-banking.

Yes they are available within e-banking.

You must select to receive either email notifications or paper statements.

Please contact us to arrange a statement for your closed account.

Please contact us to change your statement frequency.

An email address must be provided to enable you to opt-out of paper statements. This email address is used to notify you when you have a new e-statement available for viewing via e-banking.

Yes, you can view and save each statement as a PDF.


For more information or support regarding e-statements phone us on 1300 236 344 or visit your local branch.

To register for e-statements you must first be registered for e-banking. Simply call us on 1300 236 344 or visit your local branch.

Need help? Contact us and we'll help you get set up.

Real time payments

It's fast and it's simple. Osko, Fast Payments and PayID.

Australia’s New Payments Platform (NPP) is here. Delivered in early 2018, you’re able to send and receive money almost instantly between Australian financial institutions via e-banking. Here’s how …

Meet Osko®.

Osko by Bpay logo.

As fast as cash, without the hassle of cash. Between friends, businesses and banks - 24/7, anywhere in Australia, via your Bendigo Bank e-banking or mobile banking app.

PayID. Simple As.

Pay ID logo.

Using a PayID makes receiving payments simple, replacing the need to provide your account details for someone to send you money.

Like to know more about Osko, Fast Payments and PayID?

Branch Banking

There are more than 500 Bendigo Bank branches across Australia, including over 315 Community Bank branches owned and operated by local communities.

Bendigo Bank branches offer a full range of banking services, including:

  • deposits and withdrawals
  • savings and investment accounts
  • home loans
  • personal loans
  • credit cards
  • debit cards
  • superannuation
  • financial planning
  • insurance
  • business banking
  • agribusiness
  • managed funds

Find your nearest branch and opening times.


Tips, locations and access overseas

It's important to protect your Bendigo Bank card from unauthorised transactions. Here's some useful tips when interacting with our range of ATMs.

Access overseas

There are more than 840,000 ATMs overseas that will accept your Bendigo Bank card. While travelling overseas, you can make withdrawals in local currencies from your Easy Money1, debit and credit card accounts at selected ATMs.

For ATM locations overseas, visit Visa or Mastercard.

Important to know

  • Do not provide your card, PIN or password to any person (including a family member or friend and even if contacted by someone claiming to be from the Bendigo Bank)
  • Do not record your PIN anywhere, in written or electronic form. Do not write your PIN on your card or keep your PIN in your wallet. If you are not able to memorise your PIN and therefore must record it, ensure that you make a reasonable attempt to disguise it
  • Do not select a PIN that is easily identified with you (e.g. your date of birth, your post code, your phone number or part of it)
  • Ensure that nobody observes your PIN being entered into an ATM
  • If you notice suspicious behaviour near an ATM, do not proceed with your transaction
  • When using an ATM, cover the keypad when entering your PIN
  • Keep an eye out for people looking over your shoulder
  • Notify us immediately if your card or PIN has been lost, stolen or compromised
  • Keep us up to date if you change your contact details. This way we can contact you quickly about any suspicious transactions

Locate your nearest ATM

Phone banking

Bendigo Bank phone banking offers you safe and easy access to your accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Call 1300 236 344 within Australia and press 1 for automated phone banking.

The international number to call is +61 3 5445 0666.

Our automated telephone banking service gives you a range of options, including transferring funds or accessing account balances, through to paying bills or ordering a new cheque book.

Phone banking features

When you call phone banking, you will automatically hear the balances of up to two of your bank accounts. We can substitute other accounts if you wish, simply press 0 to speak with a banking consultant.

Account balances

For your accounts held under your primary customer number, we can also link another 2 different customer numbers that will give you access to other accounts you are authorised to transact on.

Transaction summary

Details of the past 10 transactions on your bank accounts are read to you.

Transfer money between your accounts held under either your primary or linked customer numbers.

No transfers are allowed to or from term deposits, from loan accounts, or from accounts requiring more than one signature to authorise withdrawals.

To make a bill payment to a new or existing Biller

To make a bill payment to a BPAY biller, you can choose from one of the existing billers on your payee list, or add a new biller and make a payment at the same time. You can have up to 999 billers in your payee list and they are accessible via phone banking and e-banking.

To add to your personal biller list

You can add new billers to your payee list. A biller short code will be allocated for you to quickly identify the correct biller. You can print off this list if you are also registered for e-banking. Once your personal biller list has been established you can quickly make your payments.

To delete from your payee list

Simply select the biller that is no longer required. This will help to keep your list tidy and reduce confusion.

Order a statement

You can order a duplicate copy of a previous statement. A fee applies for this service.

For mortgage loan accounts only the last statement issued can be re-ordered.

Order a cheque book

You can choose to collect it from your branch or have it mailed to you.

Note: cheque accounts have an automatic trigger, which will re-order a cheque book after a specified number of cheques have been processed through your account.

Change your phone banking PIN

Choose a new 5 digit PIN, to change your PIN at anytime.

Change your selected quick balance accounts

You can speak with one of our banking consultants to ensure the balances you receive when you first logon are the ones most important to you. Alternatively if you would rather hear the list of all your balances, from the account information section, you can request to have no accounts listed for the quick balance service.

Getting started

You will need:

1. A touch tone phone

Most phones now are this type. Some phones have a switch allowing you to choose between pulse and tone.

2. An access number

To receive your access number, please contact your Bendigo Bank branch or telephone on 1300 236 344^ and press 0.

3. A PIN

When you call phone banking for the first time, you will be asked to select your own five-digit PIN number. Your phone banking PIN number should be kept secret to ensure you are the only person who can access your accounts.

4. A quick reference card

To help familiarise yourself with the phone banking options, there is a handy quick reference card available which you can:

  1. Collect from one of our branches;
  2. Request for one to be sent to you by speaking with one of our consultants; or
  3. Click on one of the links below to print your own copy.

Phone banking quick reference card

Phone banking quick reference card for Rural Bank Customers

Now you're ready

Simply by calling 1300 236 344^ you can start banking by phone the easy way.

^ For the cost of a local call. Charges from mobile phones will vary. From overseas call, +61 3 5445 0666 ; standard international call charges apply.

Call 1300 236 344
Press 1
Enter Access ID then #
Enter PIN then #
Quick balances read
Press 1
Account information
Press 2
Funds transfer
Press 3
Bill payments
Press 4
Other services
Press 1
Account balances
  Press 1
To make a bill payment to a new or existing biller
Press 1
Order a statement
Press 2
Transaction summary
  Press 2
To add to personal biller list
Press 2
Order a cheque book
    Press 3
To delete from personal biller list
Press 3
Change your PIN
      Press 0
Change your selected Quick Balance Accounts

The following diagram shows the industry standard telephone keypad layout for IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems. The numbers 1 to 6 are used for standard Menu options and the numbers 7 to 0 and the * and # function keys are used for other control commands as described on the relevant keys.

This layout should be reflective of the common layout for all IVR systems regardless of the company you are calling.

Need help? Call us on 1300 236 344 or enquire

^ Source: Roy Morgan Risk Monitor 2020

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