Your account rebate

What is an account rebate?On eligible accounts, we give you a monthly rebate amount which goes towards offsetting any eligible transaction fees we may charge.
How does it work?

For example:
You have an Ultimate account with a $4 rebate.
During January, you make 4 EFTPOS withdrawals (70c each) and 4 Internet Banking transactions (40c each).

4 x 0.70c = $2.80
4 x 0.40c = $1.60
Total fees = $4.40

On February 1, our fee system calculates and charges fees

Total Fees for January = $4.40
Fees ($4.40) less rebate ($4.00) = $0.40

How to increase your account rebate amount

On eligible accounts you can increase the amount of your account rebate by the other types of accounts you hold with us.

By holding a home loan all your eligible transaction fees are fully rebated.

By holding the following types of accounts you are eligible for an additional rebate of $1.75 for each type:

a term deposit or investment common fund
a personal loan
a credit card

For example: You have an Ultimate  account with a $4 rebate although you also hold a Term Deposit Account and a Credit Card. This will increase your fee rebate amount to $7.50 ($4 + $1.75 + $1.75)

You will only receive the additional rebate once for each product type e.g. if you hold 2 Term Deposits your additional rebate will be $1.75 (not $3.50).

Our most common fees are:
E-banking Transfer / Phone Banking40c
ATM/EFTPOS withdrawal70c
Cheque withdrawal70c
In branch withdrawal/ transfers$1.75
 Click here for Tips on how to minimise your fees or for information on your account rebate refer to the Schedule of Fees, Charges and Transaction Account Rebates (personal customers) or Business Fees and Charges (business customers)

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