Merchant security

We're committed to safeguarding you and your customers against fraud.

Important: When in doubt, call us on 1300 713 212.

If you have any suspicions about the card, the presenter or the circumstances surrounding the transaction, please call Bendigo Bank Card and Merchant Fraud on 1300 713 212, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The following information will help you understand ways to protect yourself and your customers against possible fraud.

  • Never process transactions through your terminal on behalf of another business
  • Be wary of customers who make indiscriminate purchases without regard to size, quantity or price or who indulge in distraction tactics
  • Be cautious when a card number is supplied, i.e. written down, without the physical card being present
  • Always check that the card number on the terminal receipt matches the number on the card
  • Ensure your terminal is kept secure overnight and keep settlement and refund passwords secure
  • Do not let anyone service or remove the terminal without first sighting proper identification
  • Non face-to-face transactions will result in chargeback if the card details are stolen or fraudulent. As a merchant, obtain as much information as possible of the purchaser
  • If suspicious, confirm an order with the customer by calling them on the phone number provided, the day after the order was received
  • Authorisation of payment is not a guarantee that the card number has not been stolen or fraudulently used
  • Never process transactions through your terminal on behalf of another business
  • Never process payment for courier or freight services to service providers via Western Union
  • Be cautious of large orders from new customers when delivery is overseas to places such as Nigeria, Ghana, Malaysia, Indonesia, Eastern Europe

For more information, including training videos on how to safeguard your business against fraud, visit APCA Get Smart website.