Online security

Bendigo Bank is committed to ensuring the security of customer's money and personal information. We have implemented advanced security measures to address the issues associated with banking online, but it is equally important that our customers treat the security of their personal computers just as seriously.

General tips to help keep you secure

  • Keep your computer up to date by installing the latest security software and 'patches' for your operating system
  • Ensure you have installed anti-virus/spyware software installed along with a firewall – and keep them up to date
  • Make sure you have a current backup of your important personal information/files
  • Delete spam emails and do not open email attachments or click on links in emails from strangers
  • Do not respond to an unsolicited email asking you for personal information or financial details
  • Be aware of email, internet and telephone hoaxes and scams – if something appears too good to be true, it almost certainly is
  • If possible avoid using shared computers, such as those at internet cafes, hotels and airports
  • For more information on how keep yourself secure online please see the Stay Smart Online website

Shopping securely online

At the Bendigo Bank we want you to feel as safe as possible when you're shopping online with your Bendigo Bank debit or credit card. Find out more.


Use the Symantec VIP Access app on your mobile phone for added security for your e-banking.

The app also allows access to services like updating your Contact Details, PayAnyone and Telegraphic Transfers.