Device security

If you enjoy managing your everyday banking needs from your mobile device, you may benefit from the helpful tips below to keep your device and personal information secure.

General tips to keep your device(s) secure

Things you must do

  • Always set a passcode on your mobile device;
  • Notify Bendigo Bank immediately if your device is lost or stolen, or you suspect your passcode has been compromised.

Things you must never do

  • Never leave your mobile device unattended;
  • Never allow another person to use your device to make purchases or payments;
  • Do not use the Bendigo Bank app with a device other than a compatible Apple iPhone or Android device;
  • Do not use the Bendigo Bank app, or logon to e-banking, with your mobile device web browser if your mobile device has been Jailbroken.

General tips to use Bendigo Bank e‑banking features responsibly in our Bendigo Bank app

Four-digit PIN

Setting up a four-digit PIN in the Bendigo Bank app makes it easier to logon than typing your Access ID and Password.

If using four-digit PIN we recommend you:

  1. Set your PIN to a sequence of numbers that cannot be easily guessed;
  2. Never keep a record of your four-digit PIN with your device, on your device or computer, or tell anyone your PIN;
  3. Be aware of who can see your device when entering your four-digit PIN.

You can change the four-digit PIN at any time from the settings menu within the app.

Touch ID (iOS Apple) and Android Fingerprint Login

On eligible devices, the Bendigo Bank app allows you to easily logon by using your fingerprint.

  1. Before you can enable the Bendigo Bank to logon using your fingerprint, you must first register your fingerprint(s) into your device;
  2. It is your responsibility to ensure the fingerprints stored on your device belong to you;
  3. If someone else knows your device passcode, any new fingerprints stored on your device will be able to login to the Bendigo Bank app.

Quick Balances

Enabling Quick Balances will result in your selected account balances being displayed on the Bendigo Bank app home screen, allowing convenient access to your balances without the need to logon.

  1. Simply opening the Bendigo Bank app will provide immediate visibility of selected account balances;
  2. Do not leave your device unlocked when unattended, or share your device passcode;
  3. Do not enable Quick Balances on a device that can be easily accessed by others.