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Community Bank Tewantin-Noosa not only gives you access to award-winning financial products and services, we're also committed to returning profits to our local communities.


114 Poinciana Avenue Tewantin QLD 4565

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Louise Marshall

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Photo of branch manager with the Sunshine Butterflies team
Community Bank and Sunshine Butterflies strengthen bond

In a new partnership signed with Tewantin Noosa Community Bank Branch, local disability support charity Sunshine Butterflies is set to benefit from locals choosing to do business with their local bank.

Tewantin Noosa Team Group Photo out front of the branch walking across the pedestrian crossing.
Bendigo Bank commits, Noosa celebrates

While other banks continue to close down their branches in regional Australia, Noosa has officially celebrated Bendigo Bank’s long-term commitment to the town.

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Sponsorships & Grants

Sponsorships and Grants

We're committed to supporting local communities

Yes, it's time to feel good about who you bank with.

Our Community Bank branches give up to 80% of profits back to the community. We aim to develop long-term prosperity by supporting programs that help empower local individuals and groups within the local community.

Photo of branch manager with the Sunshine Butterflies team

Community Bank and Sunshine Butterflies strengthen bond

In a new partnership signed with Bendigo Bank, local disability support charity Sunshine Butterflies is set to benefit from locals choosing to do business with their local bank.

Through its Tewantin Noosa Community Bank branch, Bendigo Bank has pledged to support Sunshine Butterflies each time a new customer transfers their home loan over to the bank or successfully applies for a new Credit Card, Equipment Finance, or Personal Loan.

For every new Home Loan, or existing home loan transferred, they will donate much needed funds to the local disability support charity, based at Cooroibah.

Sunshine Butterflies CEO, Leanne Walsh said “The support we have received from Bendigo Bank has been terrific. This referral program initiative is brilliant for organisations like ours, that rely heavily on donations and grants to operate.”

The money will be used to build vital infrastructure at their facility ‘Our Backyard’ to enable them to deliver their unique range of educational and recreational services to those living with a disability

Everyone needs to bank somewhere, so why not do it where your local community benefits?

Sunshine Coast Community Financial Services Limited pours up to 80% of its profits back to the community and have donated a whopping $1.8 million dollars since the establishment of their Cooroy, Tewantin Noosa, Pomona and Marcoola branches.

To ensure Sunshine Butterflies receives support simply by doing business with your local Community Bank branch, pop in and see Linda Oliver and the team at Tewantin Noosa Community Bank Branch or call Linda on 0439 796 053.

Discover the positive impact your banking can have.

Tewantin State School leaders for 2020 celebrate with principal Rob and Bendigo Bank manager Linda in front of school sign

Tewantin State School leaders showing the way

Famed author and speaker, John C. Maxwell once said: A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. Even at a young age, it’s important to recognise this in our future leaders.

Keen to share their select group with our community, Tewantin State School has unveiled their leadership group for 2020. It’s a fine collection of Year 6 students who are already putting their best efforts forward at the historic school.

In fact, on February 20 the group will attend the GRIP Student Leadership Conference at Lake Kawana Community Centre. To celebrate this, Tewantin Noosa Community Bank branch manager, Linda Oliver was on-hand as a valued sponsor to celebrate the news and wish the two captains, Ezra Rameka and Lachlan Parnell and two vice captains, Matilda Dyer and Aidan Dirkzwager well.

School principal, Rob Jennings said the team is ready for the year ahead.

“Our leaders will work throughout the year on various projects revolving around school improvement and making our school a great place for kids, as well as endeavours to support charities within our hinterland community. We’re fortunate to have sponsorship from our local Tewantin Noosa Community Bank branch of Bendigo Bank for some of those projects. We thank them for their many years of support for our school.

“We’re all very proud of this group of enthusiastic young people who are embracing their opportunity of leadership. It’s going to be a great year ahead," Mr. Jennings concluded.

Noosaville state school students with deputy principal Freyja & branch manager Linda in front of the school.

Leading by example at Noosaville State School

It’s been a big week of good news for the students of Noosaville State School.

The 2020 school captains, Jude Bradford and Freyja McNiven were on hand with Deputy Principal, Alasdair Scott to welcome a special visitor to school and promote a wonderful new program at the school.

Tewantin Noosa Community Bank branch manager, Linda Oliver was thanked for Bendigo Bank’s long-time sponsorship at Noosaville, one which includes the electronic interactive sign on Beckman’s Road.

Mr. Scott said the school’s relationship with Bendigo Bank is invaluable.

“Whether it’s our sign or programs throughout the school year, we really appreciate our partnership with Bendigo Bank and the support Linda and the team at Tewantin Noosa branch provides,” Mr. Scott said.

Linda Oliver echoed Mr. Scott’s comments.
“We’re really proud of it too. Our support of the annual Reader’s Cup and inter-school debating competitions and the Life Education Van at Noosaville State School is made possible through the profits created by Noosa locals choosing to bank with us,” Mrs. Oliver shared.
Apart from celebrating the partnership continuing in 2020, the school organised a whole day of leadership activities for all of our year six students last Friday. The program was based around the theme of ‘Leading with or without the badge’.

It was conducted by an experienced leadership activity presenter, Cody Kilpatrick from the Unleashing Personal Potential organisation and took place in the school hall and on the main oval. The timing of the day was designed so that all Year Six students could understand and take on their leadership responsibilities from the start of the school year.

The program involved a learning, action and reflection process throughout the day, allowing all students to reflect upon themselves and their peers as leaders and team players in the whole school setting. The best part is the students will also share their experiences and reaction to the day with parents and teachers in the coming weeks.

Branch staff join students from Noosaville, Tewantin, Cooroy and Cooran State Schools pictured in uniform.

Noosa's finest young debaters are crowned

As the school year begins to wind down, some great young minds from our local state schools have been hard at work. Those in the ‘affirmative’ took on those in the ‘negative’ in the annual Noosa District Inter-school Debating competition held last week.

Students representing Cooroy, Cooran, Tewantin and Noosaville State Schools participated in a competition where round robin debates occurred on various subjects such as that school children should wear uniforms.

Held annually since 2012, the tournament has proven to be a real hit, with students from Years 4-6 finding a fun way to inspire debating with a little competitiveness between the schools. The skills and passion were on display during the finals held at Noosaville State School last Wednesday. For the record, Noosaville’s Year 4 blue team, Tewantin’s Year 5 team and Noosaville’s Year 6 blue team were crowned champions for 2019.

Tournament co-ordinator and Noosaville State School teacher, Sue said the Noosa District Debating Cup was a great success and is now a sought-after title between the four schools and feels it will grow from strength to strength each year it’s held.

“The kids have really embraced the annual Debaters’ Cup and we thank Bendigo Bank for their ongoing financial support of this event. Because of it, we’re able to purchase medallions and present the trophies for the junior and senior team winners. Each student who takes part also receives a certificate of participation. The standard of competition was high again in 2019 and we all had a lot of fun,” Sue said.

“The students and have worked really hard under the guidance of their coaches and adjudicators. We sincerely thank Rick (Tewantin State School), Kathy (Cooran State School) and Hilary (Cooroy State School) for their assistance over the past few weeks.

“Debating is a great skill for the kids to have as they get older and we certainly have a few budding experts on our hands. At the end of the day the tournaments’ success is measured by the enjoyment of the students taking part,” she added.

Tewantin Noosa Community Bank Branch’s, Linda Oliver said the bank is delighted about its continued involvement in sponsoring tournaments that develop students’ learning and sportsmanship.

‘‘We’re really proud to sponsor this competition and this is just an extension of the great relationship between our Bendigo Bank Community Bank branches in Noosa and all the schools represented. Our branches in Tewantin, Cooroy and Pomona look forward to offering our support for the Noosa District Debating Cup in 2020,” Linda said.

Investors & Shareholders

Investor & Shareholder

Our Community Bank company is run by local volunteers who are committed to our local community.

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Sunshine Coast Community Financial Services Limited board of directors standing and holding a large novelty cheque.
From left to right: David Green, Jay Pashley, Trish Radge, Toby Bicknell, Tony Freeman, Guy Hamilton, Elizabeth Reynolds, Rick Cooper

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Tewantin Noosa Staff Members Group Photo.
From left to right: Amy, Kerri, Jack, Linda, Kristin, Lisa, Karl, Alison

Community Bank Tewantin-Noosa is proud to support our customers, our community and our shareholders. View key information for investors and download our financial reports.

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