Managed funds

Products are issued by Sandhurst Trustees Limited

Did you know you can invest in a huge range of assets that might not be available to individuals, via a managed fund? Investment opportunities start from as little as $2,000, with a low-risk cash investment from $1,000.

We offer a choice of funds, tailored to suit different investment styles. Let us help you grow your wealth.

Sandhurst Select Mortgage Fund

Our Mortgage Fund predominantly includes income-generating mortgage assets. It aims to provide regular income and capital stability.

  • Minimum initial investment $2,000
  • Quarterly distributions
  • Access to Bendigo e-banking services

Sandhurst Investment Term Fund

Our Investment Term Fund holds a mix of income-generating mortgage assets, and cash and cash-equivalent assets. You can choose from a range of investment terms – from 3 months to 5 years.

  • Minimum initial investment $2,000
  • A choice of income distribution frequencies
  • Keep track of your investment via Bendigo e-banking

Sandhurst Strategic Income Fund

Our Strategic Income Fund offers a diversified portfolio of domestic interest-bearing securities. We adjust our investments in line with prevailing market conditions to optimise returns.

  • Minimum initial investment $2,000
  • Quarterly distributions
  • Regular savings plan available
  • Australia Ratings has assigned a SUPERIOR investment rating with a BLUE product complexity indicator designating the Fund as a Relatively Simple Product.*

*This rating implies the highest level of confidence that the Fund can deliver a risk adjusted return in line with its investment objectives. Designation as a Relatively Simple Product indicates that the investment manager will seek to outperform their chosen mainstream market sector. A rating is not a recommendation to invest, retain or redeem units in the Fund. The rating may be subject to change or withdrawal at any time. A copy of Australia Ratings Financial Services Guide can be found here.

Sandhurst Cash Common Fund

Our Cash Common fund invests in low-risk money-market securities such as bank bills, negotiable certificates of deposit and cash.

  • Minimum initial investment $1,000
  • 'At call' style investment
  • Quarterly distributions
  • Cheque book facility available
  • Access to Bendigo e-banking services

certified by RIAASocially Responsible Growth Fund

Our Socially Responsible Growth Fund is a long term investment for the socially conscious.

  • RIAA certified*
  • $5,000 minimum opening investment
  • Regular savings plan from $50 per month

There are two ways to invest

Option 1: Direct investment

You can invest directly in our Socially Responsible Growth Fund.

Option 2: SmartStart Super®

Our award winning SmartStart Super® now offers the Socially Responsible Growth Fund as an investment option. Apply now for SmartStart Super