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What's new in e-banking?

5 November 2018

Pay your bills with BPAY View

  • With BPAY View, you can save paper and have your bills delivered directly to e-banking. Once you've signed up for BPAY View with your participating biller, you'll receive a convenient email when it's time to pay your bill. You can then pay the bill or schedule a future payment. How easy is that?

31 October 2018

Introducing - 'What’s New'

  • We've added a What's New option within e-banking to keepyou up to date with the changes we have made.

Account balance email notifications

  • Just like you could in Classic you can now stay on top of your statement or credit card balance using our new High and Low Balance notification feature. Once you have chosen the High and Low Balance levels, you will be notified if your account balance goes above or below the limits you have selected. To enable notifications select the Account > Settings cog > Balance Notifications.

Small bug fixes and improvements

  • If you have accounts with more than one signatory, you can now see the access level held by each signatory. Select the Account > Details tab to see who can do what.
  • More types of transactions will display reference information to help you reconcile your transactions.
  • When using the filter to search for payments in an account, and then returning to the account, the back button will no longer clear the filter selections.

3 October 2018

Download/Upload Contacts
You can now download and share your Contacts!

On the Contacts screen you will notice a new Download contacts option at the bottom. Select the Contacts you wish to download, then use the Download button at the bottom of the screen. Your web browser will download the Contacts in CSV file format to your computer.

To share your Contacts with another e-banking user simply send them your CSV file and tell them to Upload it into their e-banking.

To Upload a Contacts CSV file in e-banking go to Contacts then select the + option at the top-right. Select the Upload Contacts tab and follow the prompts to upload the CSV file. e-banking will only allow you to Upload files of Contacts that were downloaded from e-banking and that have not been modified since being downloaded.

You can Download and Upload BPAY (excluding billers with editable CRNs), Pay Anyone and PayID Contacts. The feature does not yet support Telegraphic Transfer Contacts but we're working on it!

13 September 2018

Email Receipts
After making a payment you can now email a receipt. From the the payment receipt screen select the Email receipt option. Enter the email address you wish to send To and optionally, modify who the email is coming From, then Send.

25 July 2018

Small enhancements

  • For card purchases you can now see the purchase date as well as the date the transaction was processed.
  • Reference information for an additional range of transaction types will now be visible in your account Activity list to help you reconcile easier!
  • For each of your accounts you can now see how many signatories are required to approve transactions. From Accounts > select an account > select the Details tab.

19 June 2018

Summary of interest and charges for the Financial Year
In the lead up to tax time we've added the ability for you to view a summary of interest and charges across all of your e-banking accounts. This feature is located within 'Activity' > 'Interest & Charges'.

Small enhancements

  • The BPAY Description field has been extended to allow 30 characters (previously limited to 18).
  • When adding Pay Anyone Contacts using BSB and Account Number, the BSB field now shows the name of the recipient bank.

Where is the branch and ATM locator map found in the app?

From the app home screen, tap the map marker icon on the right hand side of the screen (just below the image at the top of the screen).

How often is the app’s branch and ATM location information updated?

Our branch and ATM information changes regularly. When accessing the branch location feature in the Bendigo Bank app it will check to make sure it has the latest information and download any updates automatically.