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How do I automate my security token?

If you use the Bendigo Bank app, you can choose to have the app automatically generate and enter 6-digit security token codes for you.

Before you can automate your security token:

  • You must have a registered security token. This can be your e-token (the VIP Access app) or physical security token.

  • Your version of the Bendigo Bank app needs to be:
    • iOS – 4.6.41 or above
    • Android – 4.7.46 or above

  • You must logon to the Bendigo Bank app via Four-digit PIN or biometric (Touch ID/fingerprint or Face ID)

To automate your security token:

  1. Logon to the Bendigo Bank app using your Four-digit PIN or biometric

  2. Select Settings > Change Your Token Settings

  3. Select the Automate my Security Token banner

  4. Enter the 6-digit code (from your registered security token) when prompted, then select Register this device
    Note: You will receive a Message in e-banking confirming the registration of your device

Your app will now be registered as an Automatic Security Token and will no longer prompt you to enter 6-digit security codes.

You can view the status of your Automatic Security Tokens by selecting Settings > Manage Devices.

You can have up to 3 devices registered for Automatic Security Tokens.

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