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What can I do to ensure the protection of my banking details when using e-banking?

To ensure your e-banking is secure, follow our Golden Rules:

  • Never divulge your Password to any person under any circumstances. Bendigo Bank will never ask you for your Password, either in person or by email;
  • If using a web browser, always logon to e-banking from the Bendigo Bank website (by typing;
  • Never follow a link from an email or SMS that asks you to logon to e-banking or takes you directly to a logon screen;
  • Ensure your computer is protected by up-to-date anti-virus and personal firewall software;
  • If prompted by your web browser, never allow the web browser to remember (store) your e-banking Password;
  • Use a Security Token for a second level of authentication;
  • Only conduct financial transactions online using computers you know are secure. This means that use of Internet cafes should be avoided;
  • Always check there is a padlock symbol on the logon page where you enter your Access ID and Password. Click or choose the padlock to verify you are dealing with Bendigo Bank;
  • Never leave your computer unattended while logged on to e-banking;
  • Always exit your e-banking session when finished, by clicking the 'Log Out' option in the main navigation bar (available from the More tab if you are using the Bendigo Bank app);
  • Regularly check your account balances and transaction histories and immediately report any discrepancies to Bendigo Bank;
  • You should protect the security of your Access ID, Password and Four-digit PIN at all times. If you believe your details may have become known to another person, you should log on to e-banking immediately and change your Password.

When using Internet cafes, hotels/motels (both in-room and in any business centres /computing facilities provided by hotels for the use of their guests or others) or similar locations, you should ensure that you know if your computer and phone access details are recorded and take appropriate steps to maintain confidentiality of that information.

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