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Unclaimed money

When money remains in a bank account for more than 7 years without being transacted upon, it becomes Unclaimed Monies. Financial institutions are required to forward Unclaimed Monies to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). This money can be claimed back from ASIC by the owner of the funds through visiting your local Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited branch and completing and Application to Claim Unclaimed Money form, which the branch will submit to ASIC on your behalf.

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Lost superannuation

When money remains in a superannuation fund for a period of time without additional contributions being made, the funds are eventually sent to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as the funds are considered to be "lost" or "unclaimed". You can claim back the value of your superannuation fund by visiting the ATO website.

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Those customers receiving Centrelink benefits can access information about their payments, particularly if there are payment delays or changes to payments during public holidays (which Centrelink usually publish on their website to alert those recipients affected). You may also use the link to find our what benefits you are entitled to receive from Centrelink.

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Australian Taxation Office

Find out more about your tax obligations, and the implications of not lodging your tax file number against your bank accounts.

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