What does the term Classic mean?

‘Classic’ is a term used to refer to our previous version of e-banking. There is currently a very small number of functions in Classic e-banking that have not been added to our new e-banking service. Until these are added to our new e-banking service, Classic will remain available for use.

All references to ‘e-banking’ or ‘Bendigo e-banking’ within the Classic FAQ section are referring to Classic e-banking.

How can I swap between e-banking and Classic e-banking?

Classic e-banking can be accessed after logging on to e-banking.

  1. Logon to e-banking from our or websites.
  2. From the main ‘Settings’ menu select ‘Login to Classic’.

Is there a Classic e-banking demonstration system?

Yes, you can use our Classic e-banking demo to explore the Classic e-banking platform.

You can practice making payments, viewing transactions and more. Rest assured the system is for demonstration purposes only and will not result in any real money being moved.